Easy Friday Fusion Dinner Platter & Movie Night!

This past weekend was girls’ weekend at our house since daddy was traveling. After a long week, I wanted to have a no-fuss and relaxing Friday evening with the girls. I decided to create a fusion platter for dinner. This kept it simple and gave the girls a chance to serve themselves and pick and choose per their liking. Most prep work was done before pick-up time, making it easy to assemble the platter as soon as the hot food came out of the oven.

Baked breaded cod fillets, buttered shrimp, pita, tzatziki, zhoug sauce (latest food crush from Trader Joe’s that is so similar in taste to Indian coriander chutney) and veggies. My older loves shrimp, but we rarely include shrimp in family dinners as my husband is allergic to crustaceans. My younger loves fish and pomegranate. And both girls love broccolini & carrots. Zhoug sauce is a little spicy for them but it added just the right kick and flavor for me. Overall, a balanced platter appealing to all taste buds.

After an easy clean up, we were ready to tuck ourselves into the couch for a movie. We ended up watching Bolt to please a certain 7-year old dog lover. It turned out to be a smooth Friday evening, just as intended.


Wall Art Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Collecting artwork for kids’ rooms is so special. Surrounding your children with engaging yet playful art not only livens up a room but gives their minds a chance to wander.  I truly enjoy finding unique pieces that inspire storytelling and creative thinking. I usually steer clear of artwork that is too cutesy so the kids won’t outgrow the prints quickly. The pieces you choose can still be playful and full of color, but be selective that they’re not “too young” to make it worth your while.

Today, I selected five pieces to share with you! They may or may not belong together in a gallery wall, but any of them will provide a great starting point to create a collection with your kiddos.

These whimsical pieces are so full of life and energy! They remind me of traveling and books you get lost in. What type of art is your family drawn to?

1. Cranes
2. Jaipur


Girls Fall Fashion: New Outfit Crush

New outfit crush! We are loving this graphic velvet dress for the upcoming festive season. The patchwork print adds such a fun twist to an otherwise classic velvet dress. You can style this dress with checkered leggings and neutral shoes. The checkered leggings add an edge to the outfit without being a distraction while the shoes keep the cozy-fun-feeling going all the way down to the toes! However you choose to style this dress, it’s sure to look and feel special.

Graphic Velvet Dress
Check Leggings


5 personal strategies to practice self-preservation

Let’s talk about self-preservation. A lifetime ago, when I was a PR intern at CBS News in New York, I remember writing a press release about Daniel Day-Lewis. He has been known to take breaks in his acting career as a way to revive himself. His quote “…I think, in a way, it’s a sort of an act of self-preservation,” has stuck with me for years. 

Self-preservation means different things to different people. I use the term loosely here, and possibly even synonymous with self-care, although they are different. As a busy mom, business owner and creative, my form of self-preservation may differ from yours. 

“Self-preservation is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves. By knowing our limits, honoring our needs and desires, and taking the time to heal and repair, we are able to give ourselves more spark to radiate our internal light.” -  Marisa DeMarco 

Most people don’t have the luxury of taking extended time off or even breaks some days. The idea of being constantly busy is something society has instilled in us as a positive thing. I’ll admit, I do have this mindset and I tend to overextend myself often. Even though I understand the importance of self-preservation, acting on it hasn’t been a priority. But I’m here now, ready to make some proactive changes before resulting in burnout. Better late than never, right?

Below, I’ve shared five ways I will commit to preserving myself so I can continue to be the best version of who I am.
  1. Learn to say NO
  2. Choose battles wisely (especially with the kiddos aka energy vampires)
  3. Take the time to do more ‘feel-good’ things! Movies, books, art, theater, etc.
  4. Accept help when offered and outsource some mundane tasks
  5. Adopt the “good-enough” mindset

I hope these pointers will help me “slow down” and use my energy efficiently to be able to “refuel.” After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

What are some of your self-preservation strategies? Would love to hear!


Whimsy Wednesday: Fornasetti's witty figurative ceramic pieces


Fornasetti’s whimsical and iconic line of homeware is so intriguing to browse. The collection includes decorative plates, trays, candles, pillows and stools to name a few. Fornasetti passed away in the 1980s, leaving son, Barnaba, to run his company. Barnaba continues to carry-on his father’s vision and surrealism in his creations. From vintage pieces to new collections, there are hundreds of irresistible products.


I am particularly fascinated by Fornasetti’s reproduction of operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri’s face. The genius design and quirkiness of these pieces gets me every time. Below, I am sharing five of the many decorative plates I love. Definitely a collectible!


Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Which one is your favorite?



Fashion Friday!

Image via Collage Vintage 

It’s been a while since I shared street style photographs that inspire me. Especially now that Autumn is upon us, it’s the best time to experiment with layering and different textures. These photos embody a lot of pieces that I admire - and so many fabulous coats! I love how effortlessly and elegantly different hues, textures and trends are mixed and matched in these outfits. That’s one of the best aspects of fashion, being able to try new things and wear what feels good. 

Image via Fashion Scene

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Which one of these looks inspires you the most? 


A long weekend getaway

I had totally forgotten what a weekend away from the relentless pace of being around kids would feel like. My husband and I often wonder what we did with ALL of our spare time before kids. This past weekend, we got a rare opportunity to drop the girls with our family in New Jersey (NJ) and drive to Pittsburgh to see our close friends.

Two days full of easy going mornings, relaxed dinners with long drawn out conversations with old friends was just what we needed. It was nice to take a moment to just be.

We took advantage of these of uninterrupted hours and spent time at The Andy Warhol Museum. It was such a treat! My weekend was supposed to be unplugged, however, I couldn’t help but grab a few cell phone pictures of Warhol’s iconic pop art.

On our way back to NJ to pick up the girls, we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Fallingwater - modern architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was a beautiful fall day to enjoy this tranquil property and appreciate the mid century modern marvel that truly brought the outside in. The original Picasso & Diego Rivera paintings around the house were a sweet surprise. I still can’t get over the soothing sounds of flowing stream in every room of the house.

After picking up the girls in NJ, we had a few hours to spend in NYC the following day while my husband was at work. I made the obvious choice to visit another iconic building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim Museum. The museum was getting ready for the Klint and Quaytman exhibits (opening soon) so we only had access to two floors, making it a quick visit. A few paintings (more Picasso!), sculptures and ice creams later, we were ready to call it a day.

I’m glad we got a chance to enjoy some ‘tourist attractions,’ however, visiting family and friends were definitely the highlights of this trip. The best moments of our trip went undocumented - we were just thrilled and grateful to be surrounded by people who matter the most.


Winnie-the-Pooh Exploring a Classic at the MFA Boston

The MFA in Boston has a Winnie-the-Pooh exhibit this fall, so of course we had to go check it out. It’s remarkable how popular Pooh and friends have stayed over the decades. A true classic! This exhibit is attracting adults and kids alike, and immerses you in the heart of it all, bringing the adventures of the 100 Acre crew to life. There are original drawings on display, letters and early editions, too. It was really interesting to see how the characters were built and how the characters embody recognizable human traits. Even if you’re not a diehard fan like many of the visitors there, you will surely appreciate this inside look.

My littles especially loved the Poohsticks Bridge and the floating words. Everywhere you looked, there was something new to admire. The girls also enjoyed the drawing stations where they could get creative and fully participate in the magic of this multisensory experience.

It truly felt like we were transported to a whimsical land as we walked through the exhibit. If you have the chance this fall, make a trip to the MFA and get ready for an adventure with Pooh and friends. No matter your age, you will be glad you did.


Favorite Fall Dresses for girls

I absolutely adore these two dresses from the Autumn/Winter 18 collection. Such playful designs and perfect looks for crisp fall days. They can be dressed with plain tights or, if you are feeling creative, can be mix and matched with printed ones. You all know how much I love to mix and match!

Do your kiddos prefer patterned looks or more solid colors?


breakfast experiment: Fig Pistachio Bostock

Ever since I created this breakfast on board, the girls have been asking me to ‘surprise’ them with another one! Getting out the door on time is challenging enough on school mornings, let alone being able to put any thought into creating a breakfast board. I mean, I basically need a nap after packing lunches and two snacks each! One day though, I will try to muster up the courage to share some lunch recipes. If you have any go-to suggestions for school lunches, please email them to me (thirdeyechicstudio@gmail.com) I’m not kidding.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I did manage to try this Fig Pistachio Bostock recipe one morning this week. I ran out of sliced almonds so I ended up using slivered almonds instead. I also substituted fig jam with orange marmalade since that’s what was readily available at home.

My oldest appreciated the variety but wasn’t super thrilled and my youngest only had one bite! The verdict was “it’s too sweet.” It was a fun experiment nonetheless. Next time, I would add a very thin layer of jam or marmalade and skip sugar all together from the pistachio cream recipe. I thought it was way too much sugar to begin with but didn’t want to fully deviate from the recipe since I was trying it for the first time. 

Luckily, I had also made a kale, avocado, banana and berry smoothie. The smoothie and classic toast saved the morning!

As far as the breakfast board is concerned, “Make one over the weekend mommy, when you have more time.” Aye aye, girls. Soon enough! Little do they know that matcha french toast is about to be served for breakfast later this week mwahahahaha…

(No one in the family but me is excited to try the matcha french toast recipe but I’m still going to go ahead with it because why not.)