a playful, eclectic girls' shared room

So excited to finally share the girls' shared room -- a space created with a lot of thought, love, and positive vibes!

When we moved to the suburbs after living in downtown Boston, one of the first projects I wanted to tackle was the girls’ bedroom. My vision for their room was to create a simple yet sophisticated space they could enjoy year after year. 

I wanted my daughters to be surrounded by unique objects that inspire storytelling and creative thinking. While I hand-picked most pieces, I hired an interior designer to execute my vision and to help achieve a curated look.

My girls are between 4 and 6 years old, so it was important for the room to be fun and playful, while still being practical and not too childish. We opted for an eclectic vibe, allowing the room to  be easily changed in the future by simply switching around the decor and art. Keeping the paint color very neutral, I mixed and matched old and new pieces with unique accessories and pops of color to liven up the space.

Whimsical art prints I’ve collected over time are one of the room’s focal points. Mrs. Mighetto, Saar Manche, Emily Winfield Martin, Ruth Landesa are some of the favorite artists represented in the gallery wall. The black & white fine art print is a special self portrait from when I was twenty some weeks pregnant with my oldest daughter.

The Florencia Mirror from Anthropologie was a lucky find and adds depth and personality into the room. Coco Chanel and Anna Wintour Kokeshi Dolls by Lucie Kaas are such a unique addition to the room and inspire the girls’ imagination.

A kilim rug from Mohr & McPherson (a local home store in Boston), jute wool rug, Hillery Sproatt coral blanket, pom pom pillows, and a woven toy basket all add color and texture to the room. Most of these elements also add an ethnic vibe to an otherwise minimal and modern space. I especially love having a little touch of nature in the girls room - they love watching the plant  grow and taking care of it.

Our storage needs were simple - a bookshelf for their growing collection of books, a sideboard for their puzzles and board games, a large toy bin for all of their soft toys, and a small dresser that doubles as a nightstand. I wanted to leave enough open space for pretend play, reading, and puzzles - all the things that the girls are into right now. They have both done a great job keeping the space organized with all of these creative storage solutions.

The articulating brass lamps add shine to this serene space and are perfect for bedtime stories. All of these elements make the room both beautiful and functional. We couldn’t be happier with how their bedroom turned out. Playful, eclectic, yet easily changeable over time.  

Interior Design: Galyean Vail
Photography: Third Eye Chic Studio


Kids Fashion Blog: Is Spring here yet?

It may have been snowing in Boston but we are ready to squint in the sunlight and to keep our hats and sunglasses handy in anticipation of spring!

Yes, it's that time of the year (almost!) to create fun spring summer looks for the littles. We are on it and waiting for warmer days with these two easy breezy looks. 


White Top
Maxi Skirt


Sunhat Tee
Colorblock Skirt


Jake + Maya Kids: Sustainable Kids Fashion

We are excited to announce the launch of a worldwide Kickstarter campaign by Jake + Maya Kids, a clothing brand that inspires sustainability and creates clothes that last, and save time and money. The collection is called Metamorphosis, and is inspired by moths and their ability to transform themselves. 

As a mom of twins Jake & Maya, Tze Ching Yeung, Founder and Creative Director of Jake + Maya Kids, was frustrated to see the huge volume of clothing that was regularly disposed of because it had just been outgrown.

The brand's philosophy is “Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids,” and each item has been cleverly designed to grow as your children. Trousers have adjustable elastic waistbands, some items come with extendable hems and cuffs, and some of the key pieces are reversible and multifunctional. A few pieces also come with extension packs and online tutorials to make them last even longer, while simultaneously giving the garments a fresh look. 

The hope is to inspire the next generation to live more sustainably and be less wasteful, without compromising style and quality. The prints have been made gender neutral and the collection has a lot of mix and match potential. 

So if you are looking for effortless and comfortable pieces you and your kids can personalize and experiment with to create new looks, while being environmental friendly at the same time, Jake + Maya Kids has the perfect collection.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign and help spread the word!

Photos: Charney Magri for Jake + Maya Kids


Review: Boston Modern Map Art Print

I recently received a lovely print of Boston from Modern Map Art, a company inspired by the founders’ love of traveling. They "take your favorite cities, mountains, and places and turn them into beautiful works of art." Modern Map Art makes prints of maps, giving you a unique way to cherish some of your favorite memories from different locations. The designs are modern, using city grids and imagery to make each location print special. They come in a variety of colors to fit your preference and are labeled with the city name on the bottom.

Of course, I am partial to the print of Boston, and I framed it as soon as I got it. My family moved from downtown Boston to the suburbs (about 20 minutes outside of the city) this fall. Given that I am still a total city girl at heart, this print energizes me and reminds me of my daily walks in the city, savoring its sights, sounds, and other sensations. This beautiful artwork makes for a great conversation piece about my city adventures and adds a touch of nostalgia to my decor. With this print hanging outside my home office, I feel ‘connected’ and as if I’m still in the midst of all the action.

I debated hanging the print as an abstract art, without the city name at the bottom. But I love the fact that it elegantly and proudly spells Boston, making it extra special and memorable.

Whether it's a bustling city or your honeymoon destination, these prints, also available in many other cities, are perfect to frame and hang up in your home or office. I am also loving their map print throw pillows and phone cases. Add these to your lifestyle or pass them on as gifts - you won’t regret it either way!


Whimsy Wednesday: Magical storytelling bedding

A magical storytelling bedding? Nothing else would have been more appropriate for today's Whimsy Wednesday! Also a great segue from comfy pjs from yesterday's post to beautiful sustainably produced bedding for your sweet littles.  

I discovered Forivor when I was looking for a perfect bedding for the girls' room back in December. Forivor's products are so unique and inspiring at the same time. “At the heart of Forivor’s philosophy, is a commitment to supporting and inspiring the protection of our natural world and all the wildlife that belongs to it, whilst providing an opportunity to learn and explore our imaginations."

I especially love the fact that Forivor's blankets and duvets are accompanied by Character Cards, encouraging kids to explore and inspire bedtime storytelling. I can see this being a huge hit at my house as storytelling is an integral part of our bedtime routine, and the girls' would love stories about all the magical characters on their own bedding.

My older daughter is obsessed with unicorns. Every single book she has ever brought home from the school library has been about unicorns! Forivor's philosophy of supporting the protection of our natural world and wildlife and the beautiful Pegasus-inspired illustrations remind me of the book The Dragon and the Unicorn by Lynne Cherry that we finished reading just the other night. 

I unfortunately couldn't get my hands on the bedding in December as I didn't plan ahead of time to account for international shipment, but it's definitely on my radar. I would love the girls to be able to wrap themselves up in a super-soft heirloom-worthy magical bedding that's a piece of art!

Photo Credit: Lark Rise Pictures for Forivor.


Trendy Kids Sleepwear: The Bright Company

Who doesn't love to sleep in comfy and trendy sleepwear? We are glad to be recently introduced to British sleepwear and loungewear brand, The Bright Company. We love the simplicity and unique patterns that can be seen in the photos below. The collection features new designs inspired by the work of American sculptor Alexander Calder. These must-have pjs will be available to buy in February!

Photos via The Bright Company


Kids Fashion Blog: SS17 Bang Bang Copenhagen

We are very excited to share this unique collection with you all! Bang Bang Copenhagen embodies the true beauty of mix & match outfits - which of course, we love. They describe themselves as having a "high-fashion, conceptual outlook with origami folding technique and urban comfortable streetwear..." They don't conform to gender colors and are not afraid to add patterns and textures to their clothing. Check out their latest collection below and be sure to visit their newly launched webshop too!