Holiday Favorites

Holiday Favorites

1. Collar obsession isn't over for me yet. Love this crystal paneled collar from Ted Baker. Easy and fun way to add glam to any top or dress, and make it look brand spanking new.

2. OPI Skyfall inspired duo (Golden Eye and the Living Daylights) is definitely worth a try. I had to stop a server at a restaurant to ask her what nail color she was wearing. It was the Golden Eye and looked perfect for the season. Also a great, and inexpensive, stocking stuffer idea!

3. Sequin elbow patch sweaters can bring holiday cheer in a fun and casual way. Can be paired up with skirts, leggings or even your favorite denim. Check out this DIY blog post for easy steps to add sparkle to your old and boring knit.

4. Have been wearing this Banana Republic necklace this holiday season and receiving many compliments. Looks so much better in person and around your neck!

5. Have you bought your metal toe pump yet? Add these to your closet for no fuss chic! Wear something simple and add bold accessories to your look along with these fabulous pumps, and you are good to go.

6. Another Ted Baker favorite! You have many other ways to add glitter to your outfit so the dress can be simple, elegant, and yet look spectacular. I would accessorize it with a black or golden statement necklace, a simple clutch, and black booties or pumps. Wear dark lipstick and your hair in a stylish yet casual bun. Wow! All eyes will be on you.

So friends, giddy up! And enjoy your holidays.


Style Profile - Part 1

Check out some pictures from a fun photo shoot with yet another fellow blogger Brooke of Insparisian. We got together on a beautiful fall morning and walked around Boston to capture some style! Sharing a few of my favorites. 

HAT TRICK (Click here for styling tips)

Aren't these looks amazing? Be on the lookout for a few more pictures from our shoot, and stay inspired!


The Party Don't Start 'Til I Walk In

It's that time of the year! Yes, I mean holidays. I am sure you have been thinking about your 'look' this holiday season. So what's going to be your holiday staple this year? Mine, for sure, is this ridiculously chic Marc Jacobs Predator Panther Clutch. As you can probably tell by now, this clutch is a very old crush of mine. My husband somehow managed to score this 'sold out' item for my birthday this year and made me very happy!

Dressing for holidays can be stressful but I like to keep it simple. The key is to concentrate on one bold piece, be it shoes, a pretty necklace, dangle earrings or a gorgeous clutch, and let it do the talking. Pick your favorite accessory first, and let the rest of the outfit simply follow.

So I plan to totally ditch my diaper bag, camera bag, and all my totes that I pretty much use as dumpsters these days, and enjoy my predator panther. Are you ready Boston? Growl!

© Third Eye Chic

P.S. Another attempt at product photography in the studio, and I think I love the way it turned out!



I LOVE shooting LOOKBOOK style photos, and I jump at any chance I get to shoot and feature stylish looks around town. So if any of you ever want pictures of your stylish self, you know where to find me.

Check out some of my favorites from a fun photo shoot with The Boston Fashionista.

Details of this fun outfit can be found here. Did I tell you, mustard is one of my favorite colors in the world!


Biker Style

Biker jackets are seen everywhere around Boston these days. I never imagined I'd be into this trend, but I am almost obsessing over leather biker jackets, and although I am still not sure if this is the right look for me, I am slowly warming up to the idea. Check out some of my favorites:

Love the details. So biker chic.

A clean, classic look.

This peplum jacket might be my favorite! Exorbitant price tag but the design and details are unbeatable.

Metallic to add a little zing!

A little color never hurt anyone! And you can't go wrong with this pretty coral.

And the best part about sporting a biker jacket? Its versatility. You can pair it up with almost anything: good old denim, leggings, skirts, shorts, dresses; with boots, pumps, loafers, oxfords, flats…and the list can go on. It is also a great transition piece that allows you to ease into your winter coats.

Although I still feel it's a tricky look, and done wrong can really ruin your look. Here are some ideas for you to get creative with this trend:

My favorite look is the simple, original look: white top, worn denim and black biker jacket.

So c'mon ladies, give this biker look a chance and get yours before it's time to yank out your not-so-flattering puffer/bubble coats and jackets.


Tried my hand at some product photography. Enjoy some of my favorites from the shoot!

© Third Eye Chic


Fabulous Fall Cape Coats

Fabulous Fall Cape Coats

Cape coats have been around for a couple of seasons, and they are still going strong. They are easy to slip on, perfect over layered clothing, and look so chic. 

(Image Courtesy of whowhatwear.com)

Also trending this season is simply draping ones jacket/coat over the shoulders. I have seen a lot of Bostonians follow this trend recently. Very lady-like and just the right amount of coverage for the 60s weather we have been experiencing lately.

And remember, this coat season is all about color. Lots of it. It's so refreshing to see coats and jackets in red, orange, yellow, green, and even shades of fuschia and purple. 

What's your color this season? 

Cynthia Rowley Shopping Event

A wonderful evening filled with lovely ladies, champagne, and lots of style and beauty at Cynthia Rowley on Newbury Street. Thanks Boston Fashionista for the invite! Sharing some of my favorites from the evening!

Shooooz…(as my daughter calls them!)

Blogging buddies sipping bubbly and chit-chatting


Oh So Stylish

One of the most stylish pairs of shoes I have seen in a while. Only if I could own these-- no idea where to get them from. So perfect for the current weather too. These are so me!


Street Style: Montreal, QC

Vintage lace skirt and a pair of Dr. Martens. This lady, perhaps in her 70s looked so chic in this outfit.

© Third Eye Chic


Bags I have been riding the elevator with lately

Unlike most women who are all about shoes, I am all about handbags/totes. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes (and write about shoes often) but I am more about comfort when it comes to shoes as I walk around the city a LOT, and am always on the go. Pretty stilettos and gorgeous lady-like pumps are just not my lifestyle right now. Although, I am going to be all about ankle boots and boots this fall/winter. In fact, I am hunting for a pair of brown boots as we speak, and will share some of my favorites with you soon. But I digress so back to bags for now.

I wrote about a Chloe Marcie leather tote I have been coveting a few weeks ago. I still can't get over it, and now I am equally craving a Celine black leather tote. These bags are like in my face wherever I look. Seriously. But the reality is that there is room for only two types of bags in my life right now-- camera bags and diaper bags. Sigh. And functionality and convenience take precedence over looks when it comes to these bags. There, I said it. 

So while the 20 somethings in my building (and their moms) prance around in some of the most gorgeous bags, I happily admire their beauty and carry on with my diaper and camera bags, and the baby in tow : )

Check out some of the bags I have been riding the elevator with lately:

Bags I've been riding the elevator with lately


Such a loafer!

Loafers can be seen everywhere nowadays. Take a look at a mix of high and low-end loafers I am loving lately, and am seeing everywhere -- online and offline. 

My favorite ones are:

$20 green tassel loafers from Target
$35 golden loafers from ModCloth
$135 Charles Philip striped wool loafers
$675 Yves Saint Laurent suede and metal loafers

Which one do you love the most? Tassels? Studs? Embroidery? Animal print? A little sparkle, may be? Whichever you pick, make sure it finds its way into your fall closet.

Such a loafer!


Ubiquitous Breton Stripes

I thought this summer was all about Breton stripes but the stripes love affair seems to be continuing through the fall. It actually never really died since the French sailors started the trend in the 1800s. Check out Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn in Breton tops. It is, indeed, a timeless, classic trend that will never disappoint you fashion-wise.

(Images via wikifashion.com)

I did a fair bit of street/street style photography this summer, and I couldn't help but notice, and I kid you not, every 2nd or 3rd person on the street wearing stripes. And I noticed this trend in three major cities I was in this summer: New York, Montreal, and my home town Boston.

In fact, the trend was so hot that I decided to have some fun with it. I started shooting people wearing black and white stripes on street crossings around town. The shots are not very successful, but this could be one of those 'long-term' projects to work on.

If you don't have a Breton top in your closet, you need to get one. Like right now!


C is for Canon and C is for Chic

I am a Canon shooter and I rarely ever get in the Canon vs Nikon debate unlike many many people I know. I guess I'll never understand why it has to be such a big deal. With that said, I am secretly proud of shooting Canon (guess the competition is rubbing off on me)  after seeing all these fashionistas from Milan to Paris to New York shoot Canon. Just sayin'.

(Image via jakandjil.com)

Look what we have!

(Image via sartorialist.com)

There we go, again!

(Images via harpersbazaar.com)