Totally in love with this pair of Kathryn Amberleigh animal print ballet flats I came across on Gilt a couple of months ago. As usual, my size was sold out so I tried a quick Google search but still didn't find this pair anywhere else. I moved on.

Last week, out of the blue, I thought of these again and began my search. Only this time I didn't even remember the designer's name(duh!)! So I started typing as many keyword combinations as I possibly could to find these but got disappointing results each time.

And guess what? I found these on Gilt again this morning, and couldn't believe that my size was sold out AGAIN!! Darn it! Well, I added my name to the wait list, and am hoping to have them in my closet soon. Aren't these yummy?

I already bought the spotless version of these at Nine West last week, and have been frolicking around town in these to welcome spring!

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