Color blocks are driving me mental this season. I have been hunting a color block dress since September 2011, way before its ubiquitous presence. So far I have bought a Gap color block sweater, a Gap color block scarf (as a gift), and a color block shower curtain! Not sure what's next? A Preen dress? May be.

I was admiring Michelle Obama's color blocked look on the David Letterman show earlier this week. My sources reveal that she was wearing Preen from the Pre-Fall collection 2012. Typically, my style is 'less is more,' but I kinda like Mrs. Obama's sparkly Alexis Bittar brooch with the dress. What a stunning look!



Well, I wrote about kicking my street photography up a notch by foraying into street style photography just yesterday. I didn't want to delay it any further so I took my camera and baby out for a spin this afternoon. I saw Annie in downtown Boston, and loved her black and white vintage-looking coat, and turquoise cross body against the black and white background. She had paired the coat with a brown lace skirt and black oxfords. The outfit was so perfect for the 45-50 degrees Boston weather. It had the warmth of winter colors, with just a hint of spring (added by the bag).

The shooting conditions weren't great with a stroller in tow etc but Annie was patient, and worked with me willingly. She is from New York, and was in Boston for work. Thanks Annie for being such a good sport!

Coat by Anthropologie
Bag by Rebecca Minkoff


I'm a big sucker for blazers. I can never have enough. I'm loving some easter eggs-colored blazers that are so in this spring. I already own three shades of pink (although I have yet to see which one fits my post-baby body), and now am hunting a pastel green or blue or peach perhaps. Saw some good ones at Zara the other day. Also, loving this Ponte Shrunken Blazer from Topshop in mint green:

One more small blazer wish I have this spring/summer is a green and white or a blue and white seersucker. Impressed with this one by Black Fleece found on NET-A-PORTER:

I found a dark blue and white seersucker blazer at LOFT last weekend but the fitting wasn't fun. Will keep looking.
Admiring the look of street style photographers Tamu McPherson and Hanneli Mustaparta. Color blocked and color coordinated! Especially Hanneli (on the right). Love the fruit punch -- apricot colored sweater with plum colored pants! The stilettos look so perfect with the outfit. I have been looking for plum colored pants since fall but haven't been able to lay my hands on one yet.

Planning to kick my love of street photography up a notch myself by foraying into street style photography. I have been wanting to undertake this project since spring 2011. It's about time.

(Image Courtesy of harpersbazaar.com)


Bought this jacket from a boutique on Newbury street a couple of weeks ago. This fits beautifully, and looks so chic. Although I gotta admit that the picture doesn't do justice to it-- looks MUCH nicer in person than on that hanger!

I love the little details, pleats and buttons, that add an extra touch to the jacket.

Wondering where you've recently seen horizontal stripes? Perhaps you have in mind Giorgio Armani's SS12 collection!

(Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com)


The party don't start till I walk in! This Marc by Marc Jacobs Predator Panther Clutch is such a beauty. Growl!

I have been eying this since November 2011 when it was selling on NET-A-PORTER for $330. The price has now dropped to $165 but it's sold out everywhere online. endless.com still had it until about a month ago, but now it's sold out there as well. Must be a popular item! And why not, you just put on a very simple black or any solid color dress with this clutch, and you really don't need to do much. You'll just look so effortlessly trendy!

This Bottega Veneta enamel necklace is such a statement piece! I so need this in my life right now!

Want a better look? There you go...

But I gotta say, looks so much better around your neck!

(Images Courtesy of Vogue.com)


Drooling all over the Louis Vuitton SS 2012 Collection (trust me, even more than my 9-month old teething daughter!). I mean seriously, how gorgeous are these broderie anglaise pastel outfits! And check out those collars! I am so in awe of this collection that I am speechless (and wordless!). My jaw dropped as the white curtain raised at the 2012 Paris Fashion Week, revealing the fashion carousel, and I haven't been able to close my mouth since then!

So, clearly, I have been obsessing over this collection for days. I was shopping at Zara this past weekend, and I found a top that's somewhat similar in appearance to this lace and organza collection. I absolutely HAD to have it! I brought it home; however, upon trying, something about it wasn't working. Ended up returning it but still loving the whole silk organza and lace idea! Marc Jacobs, you da man!