These boxy looking bags can be seen everywhere in Boston these days. I am seeing all kinds of bright colors and different sizes in these bags. I managed to take this shot while walking around in Fenway last weekend.

Cambridge Satchel Company has a huge range of boxy bags and they offer multiple sizes as well. You can even get them embossed, and personalize your bag. I saw a girl carry a 'Sidney' bag last week that looked like Cambridge Satchel. I was wondering what brand that was. Now I know it was nothing but a personalized Cambridge Satchel.

I thought these colorful bags were cute but I never really had the urge to get one myself. But as I write this post, I kinda really want one now. Especially the Batchel -- perfect to carry my MacBook around!


I always enjoy pairing my traditional Indian jewelry with non-Indian outfits. Ethnic jewelry has the power to add a lot of punch to an outfit, and doing so is a great way to put one's jewelry to more use than simply letting it sit as a museum piece. Check out this model wearing a gorgeous jadau necklace with a silk shirt. How awesome is that look!

Traditionally, Indian jadau jewelry tends to run for 1000s of dollars, however, there are many places where you can buy "semi-precious," silver-based jewelry that looks just as stunning, and doesn't come with a stunning price tag!

(Image via Pinterest)


I am not a QVC shopper but I somehow managed to bump into these gorgeous navy Jackie O sunglasses with a gold-tone Greek key accent somewhere online, and found out they were selling on QVC. It's a long story, but let's just say I managed to buy the last piece before they were sold out on QVC. I have yet to wear these, but I am in love with these timeless, classic oversized glasses. If you are digging these, you may bid on these on ebay.

Nothing else will better protect you from the sun and the paparazzi this summer. Just saying.


Some trendy (yet classic) totes/handbags I am loving lately. Which one is your favorite?

1st row L to R: Tod's, Phillip Lim, Chloe
2nd row L to R: Anya Hindmarch, Fendi, Marc Jacobs
3rd row L to R: Fendi, Balenciaga, Fendi

Fendi definitely takes the cake this time!

My latest obsession is with collars! Peter Pan collars and studded collars are getting very popular. I wrote about Louis Vuitton collars a few weeks ago, and I recently ran into a blog post with a DIY guide to making Peter Pan collars, and couldn't help but run to my nearest craft supply store to get all my supplies for a fun little DIY project. My friend and I are going to work on it this week, and I can't wait to share the results! Hoping it turns out similar to the one on the left:

To take the collar obsession to a whole new level, one can go after Peter Pan collar necklaces. I am liking this one from Topshop:

Topshop has a bunch of other good options worth checking out!

I am also planning to add a lot of extra {oomph} to a couple of my button downs by studding the collars. Inspired by this Youtube video. I have round studs, the look, however, will be something similar to this Zara shirt:

I am not into punk looks, and studs and spikes at all but something about these collars is just way too exciting to pass.

You can also go with simple collar tips you can find on Etsy, along with a ton of other collar/necklace options.

As you can tell, there is a lot you can do to add excitement to any drab shirt or outfit!

P.S. I will keep you posted on my DIY projects.


Wanted to add some spring cheer to my phone (phones have feelings too, you know), so I ordered this Uncommon case from Gilt a few days ago. Got it in the mail last night, and is on my phone right now -- love the sorbet colors!

Reminds me so much of Preen Spring 2012 collection!

(Photos courtesy of nymag.com)


A pair of H&M silver pants from their Trend collection has been on my mind lately. I very skeptically bought these a couple of weeks ago. I debated whether to keep or return these for a week as I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull them off (new mother in her 30s and all), but finally wore them to a dinner with my husband. And I tell ya, they looked so chic! I got a couple of compliments so I was reassured that not returning these was a good idea.

I have been wanting to post a link to the pants from the H&M Web site but I haven't been able to locate these online. I, however, found a few pictures of another blogger wearing these pants. Check these out!

Aren't these one of the most gorgeous looking pants you've seen lately? I love how these pants have been paired with this casual top for a casual, more daytime look.

I wore these with a black top for a slightly formal look, however, the original look I had in mind when I bought these was something like this:

These are obviously a different pair of pants but you get the idea. And I had imagined my outfit with a pair of black pumps! I totally forgot to add a white blazer to my blazer wish list for this spring/summer. I have been looking around, and saw a good one at Macy's and another one at United Colors of Benetton. Hoping to buy one soon.