These boxy looking bags can be seen everywhere in Boston these days. I am seeing all kinds of bright colors and different sizes in these bags. I managed to take this shot while walking around in Fenway last weekend.

Cambridge Satchel Company has a huge range of boxy bags and they offer multiple sizes as well. You can even get them embossed, and personalize your bag. I saw a girl carry a 'Sidney' bag last week that looked like Cambridge Satchel. I was wondering what brand that was. Now I know it was nothing but a personalized Cambridge Satchel.

I thought these colorful bags were cute but I never really had the urge to get one myself. But as I write this post, I kinda really want one now. Especially the Batchel -- perfect to carry my MacBook around!


  1. Like the color very much, not fond of this shape because it is not very practical.

  2. I agree but I am liking a few colors in the 15'' size. Good for carrying the laptop around which I might have to regularly now : )