Polka Pants

I have been itching to try mixing prints since a long time, but more since my recent post on mixed prints. I have been eyeing these polka dot pants from J.Crew for a while, and am thinking these might be ideal to try the trend.
For an affordable option, you may try these polka pants from Forever21.

I haven't yet decided how to pair this up with a top but off the bat I am thinking of a big collar in contrasting polka dots peeping out of a solid color cardigan. This is a good conservative, warm up look before you decide to go all out and mix other bold prints together. I am trying to create a "look" on Polyvore, and will share some pictures with you soon. Keep your pants ready until then!


At the intersection of Boylston and Tremont.

Circumstances were quite against me when I spotted these shoes:

1. She and I were crossing the street together
2. I had a train to catch in like ASAP!
3. She was on the phone when I asked her if I could take a picture of her shoes!

But, I couldn't help myself. I literally stopped her in the middle of the street, and took this shot. Haven't you fallen in love with these already?

Yes? No? May be?


Mixed prints are definitely trending this spring. It's a challenging look to achieve, and I haven't tried it myself yet. I have been told though that once you ace this look, you'll crave for more and more. I can see that. The pictures below are really tempting me to give it a shot.

My initial response to this trend was lukewarm. I thought it was a great "Runway" look but I wasn't sure how it could be incorporated in everyday dressing. But I have been seeing people around town trying this look, some more successfully than others.

I took the above shots this past Sunday. I am in a mixed mind about the look in these pictures but what I like about it is that this girl is wearing a floral print (which is a season trend too BTW) dress and a pucci-like blouse over the dress. Brownie points for creativity! Excuse my iphoneography if the pictures don't appear as clear as they should. On a warm, sunny day in Boston, these prints and colors were certainly quite refreshing.

Have you tried mixing prints lately? Share your photos if you have, and would like to be featured on my blog.

Merry Mixing!


Have you bought your fedora yet? These hats have been around forever but their popularity has been soaring further recently. I have been seeing different styles and colors in these hats in almost every store I have been to recently. Banana Republic, Target, Gap, Aldo, H&M, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and Marshalls to name a few. These hats look really chic, stylish, even a bit flirty, and you'll love them even more when you are having bad hair days (which are quite often for me). I love this straw fedora I saw at Banana Republic last week.

The color looks great, and it fits really well. Although, I ended up getting mine from Aldo a few weeks ago. I decided to go with a neutral color (copperish-brownish) so I could pair it up with most outfits. Another advantage of going for a neutral color is that one can accessorize it by tying a scarf around it or a flower brooch or a fancy crystal brooch to add some more excitement. You can even stud it -- the possibilities are endless. I even got one for my 10 month old daughter from H&M!

This orange color is my weakness. In a way I am glad it's sold out at Anthropologie.

These hats are your perfect barrier from the sun as well! Fedoras are my latest crush and I am ready to own 20 of them! So many hats and one head -- what do I do?


Just got this gorgeous Chrysanthemum silk clutch in the mail today. Now it's time to get a dress to go with it. What color is going to do it for you? Yellow? White? What else?