Mixed prints are definitely trending this spring. It's a challenging look to achieve, and I haven't tried it myself yet. I have been told though that once you ace this look, you'll crave for more and more. I can see that. The pictures below are really tempting me to give it a shot.

My initial response to this trend was lukewarm. I thought it was a great "Runway" look but I wasn't sure how it could be incorporated in everyday dressing. But I have been seeing people around town trying this look, some more successfully than others.

I took the above shots this past Sunday. I am in a mixed mind about the look in these pictures but what I like about it is that this girl is wearing a floral print (which is a season trend too BTW) dress and a pucci-like blouse over the dress. Brownie points for creativity! Excuse my iphoneography if the pictures don't appear as clear as they should. On a warm, sunny day in Boston, these prints and colors were certainly quite refreshing.

Have you tried mixing prints lately? Share your photos if you have, and would like to be featured on my blog.

Merry Mixing!

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