In Awe

I am absolutely in love with this vintage dress worn by Karla from karlascloset.com, one of my favorite blogs. So flowy and feminine. I seriously cannot get over it. Don't you simply want to wear this dress and walk the streets of Paris?

I am completely swooned over by vintage dresses since Mad Men and karlascloset.com happened to me. I bought two vintage shirts to fulfill my vintage shopping urge after watching four seasons of Mad Men in two straight weeks, hoping to fit into them one day after losing all my baby weight. That day hasn't come yet so I am letting them age some more in my closet.

Who knows, one day my daughter might model those for you : )


  1. Let us have you model the dress for us first...!! You will look similar or as good as the model..!!

  2. I wish I had this dress in the first place : ) I think my modeling days are over bhua ; ) Now all I can do is rely on you to design and Avani and Neve to model. All I can do is take gorgeous photos for you guys : ))