Fabulous Fall Cape Coats

Fabulous Fall Cape Coats

Cape coats have been around for a couple of seasons, and they are still going strong. They are easy to slip on, perfect over layered clothing, and look so chic. 

(Image Courtesy of whowhatwear.com)

Also trending this season is simply draping ones jacket/coat over the shoulders. I have seen a lot of Bostonians follow this trend recently. Very lady-like and just the right amount of coverage for the 60s weather we have been experiencing lately.

And remember, this coat season is all about color. Lots of it. It's so refreshing to see coats and jackets in red, orange, yellow, green, and even shades of fuschia and purple. 

What's your color this season? 

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  1. Calvin Klein makes a killer cape, but alas, it's in standard Boston color--black!