Pointedly Stylish

It's 16°F in Boston right now, and all I am trying to do is think of spring to keep those winter blues away. I am thinking spring coats, and shoes, and to be more specific pointy 'gwen' flats by kate spade.

I have been eyeing these for a while now. It's so hard to pick a color. I would like these in both colors. Gold and silver accessories are my go-to pieces (unlike most people) for those five-minute dressing days when I only have time to put on my clothes and shoes, and to pick up my bag and storm out of the house. They have the power of making the simplest outfit look stylish in an instant! Being a versatile piece, this can be worn with most outfits and can be enjoyed in morning, noon, and night! I just know one thing, once I own these, I will use them a LOT!

Which color would you buy?