Late Season Picker-Upper

Looking for a late season picker-upper? A fur scarf or a fur vest is your answer. Wrap a fur scarf around your neck for an easy chic look this spring. 

Fur has really been around this winter, and while I didn't really think of fur as my kind of thing, I am starting to love the idea of owning a fur scarf or a fur vest. These pieces can also be a good starting point if you want to ease your way into the whole fur idea.

I am fixating on a dark olive green fur scarf that I am having a hard time finding. Ideas anybody?

Source: kohls.com via Kohl's on Pinterest


  1. i've also been loving the idea of a fur collar to wear over my winter coats. but next winter--i'm sick of my heavy coats for now!


  2. I agree completely, I wore a gorgeous kind of circle scarf all winter that had a fur collar. It definitely kept me nice and toasty :)