(Sur) torial: Effortless Chic

This is my go-to outfit for a lot of places I go to -- client meetings, events, workshops. Pardon the wrinkles in the clothes. My girls ran over the clothes while I was trying to shoot. 

I find this outfit versatile as I can dress it up or down. I have used these pants so much that they are nearing the end now. And so are the soles of these shoes. I think I just need to go shopping. 

Excuses, excuses.

Pants: Anthropologie
Top: Banana Republic (Mad Men Collection)
Jacket: Tory Burch
Shoes: Vince Camuto Similar here


Toddler Girls Fashion: Slouchy Knitted Sweater

It's that time of the year, and our knits are gradually coming out of our closets. This colorful, graphic slouchy sweater is definitely going to come in handy on chilly, windy days like today.


Toddler Girls Fashion: All for Children textured hooded top

We love this bubble-texture hooded top from H&M All for Children collection. It's cozy and comfy, and a great addition to N's fall closet. You may remember these checked pants styled with a peplum top from a couple weeks ago.

This is N totally in her element, teasing me and running away the second I point my camera at her. But that's what I actually want -- to photograph kids as they are, in a 'day in the life' way. Funny, silly and just being themselves. That's what I want to remember as a mom, years later, when I look at these photographs. 

Textured Hooded Top: Available at H&M
Pants: H&M (old)



Some new recent accessories for the season. Embellished or studded hats are not my usual style but I just thought I'd give this hat a try this season. Risk taking and all.

Clutch: Francesca's
Hat: Heart&Sole
Necklace: So Good Jewelry 


Toddler Girls Fashion: These boots are made for rocking!

These metallic ankle boots are just gorgeous, and I was lucky to find N's size before they were all sold out. I had been waiting for H&M's All for Children collection for UNICEF since a long time. I loved their collection last year, and my favorite abstract print jacket is from this collection. Side note, I also have a childhood love affair with UNICEF greeting cards.  

I could not make it to the store in time to get first dibs on the collection, and I came home with just one hooded top (that I'll be featuring soon) as most things were already sold out. I, however, went back a couple days later, and found these amazing boots. It was love at first sight. I wish they sold one in my size. Seriously, mini me and I could have happily rocked the same pair of boots. And then she would have said " look mama, you and I matching matching."

Boots: H&M


Photo Du Jour

It's been quite a day, and although I am not sharing what I had originally planned on sharing today, I want to leave you with one of my favorite photos of all time. This was shot back in 2011. I guess I am turning Throwback Thursday into Throwback Tuesday. All is fair in love and social media, right?


Currently Crushing On

I am currently crushing on these accessories. I just bought a pair of these J. Crew Medallion Earrings, and trust me, they look so much better in person and once worn. I have a feeling these will be my go-to earrings this holiday season.

Currently Crushing

Earrings: Available at J.Crew
Sandals: Available at Sass & Bide
Bag: Chloe'


Toddler Girls Fashion: Uniqlo Abstract Padded Jacket

I bought this jacket for N at Uniqlo's SoHo store in NY a few weeks ago. It's one of the most lightweight and comfortable jackets I have ever bought for her. The weekend weather in 40s + rain was the perfect excuse to wear this cute number. 

I haven't been to any of the Boston area Uniqlo stores yet but I am looking forward to heading to the burbs pretty soon to check out one of the stores. 

Finally, one less store to worry about during my future NY trips!

Jacket: Available at Uniqlo


Selfie Saturday

One of my "selfies" while working on a project last year. Just thought I'd share this for fun.


Ultimate Fall Favorites

- This fall is all about plaid, tartan, houndstooth (if only I had a dollar for every time I said    houndstooth around here), and checks in general. This coral plaid coat  is certainly being put to great use by N. And remember these checked sweaters from last year? Looks like all these amazing checked outfits (and accessories) are back in style.

- Sneakers and slip-ons are huge this season! Nike sneakers are definitely trending, chucks are going strong, and really all sorts of sneakers and slip-ons are seen everywhere around town and online.

- If you haven't bought a wool fedora yet, go buy it. Now.

- I've been noticing a lot of classic Chanel quilted bags, and cross body bags in general.

- Last but not least, I am definitely going plum crazy this fall. What's you fall color palette looking like?

Ultimate Fall Favorites


Toddler Girls Fashion: Floral Corduroy Skirt & Striped Tee

Too much silliness this morning. 

Love this note from #fallontonight. "Thank you, random warm days mixed in with random cold days in the Fall, for being mother Nature's way of saying "Y'all don't know me!""

Isn't this outfit perfect for warmer fall days like today? Corduroy floral skirt with striped tee and solid cardigan to balance the look. You all probably know by now how obsessed I am with mustard color and mustard and B&W combo. I think this obsession is here to stay so you'll continue to see these colors a lot around here.

Corduroy Skirt: H&M
Striped Tee: H&M
Cardigan: H&M


Toddler Girls Fashion: Prints & Neutrals

While scrambling to dress N in the morning:

N: "Mom, I want to wear a skirt because girls wear skirts and dresses and boys wear pants." 
Me: "(sigh) OK but it's really cold outside and you can't just wear a tee and a skirt."

So after a couple rounds of negotiation, this is what we agreed upon. She wore these golden shoes to go with the outfit.

How long do I have before I can no longer dictate her outfits? Anyone?

Tee: Available at Target
Skirt: Available at Target
Leggings: Available at Target
Cardigan: H&M 


Some rainy day activities...

A steady stream of tea, some Sinatra, editing, and blogging. Aren't rainy days just meant for that? 

Just thought I'd share one of my favorite images from a rainy night in Boston. 

Toddler Girls Fashion: multi-season clothing?

Some brightness and sunshine for you on a rainy day in Boston. 

I am actually wondering how many of us carry same pieces of clothing from one season to the next. Especially from spring to fall. Obviously there is a huge difference in colors, textures etc going from spring into fall; however, I feel like there are certain pieces that can easily fall under multi-season clothing category. Don't you agree?

It's pretty evident from the cherry blossoms that these pictures were taken in spring; however, I can totally see N wearing exactly the same outfit in fall with additional layering. Even O can wear the same vest and jeans, with perhaps a darker or more neutral top. 

I especially like to be practical with kids' clothing, and make good use of their clothes until the clothes either wear out or don't fit anymore. 

Most of these pieces are styled differently in several of my other blog posts. You can check them out here, here, here, and here.


Toddler Girls Fashion: Pop of Color!

Remember the cutest l'll toddler loafers I featured a couple weeks ago? Showing one of the ways to style them here. Since the loafers are so bright and colorful, the rest of the outfit needs to be simple and neutral. I love these shoes so much; I almost don't want N to wear these so they don't get dirty : )

Stripes Top: OshKosh B'gosh
Jeans: H&M
Faux Fur Vest: Target
Shoes: Mom and Pop store in India


(Sur) torial: Snappy Casual

This outfit is great for work, client meetings or networking events. You can dress it up or down, and get a lot out of it. I wear a lot of bright colors and I love this COS top. I have been waiting for COS store to open its doors in NYC since quite a few months. I was in the city recently; however, just based on my online searches, I don't think it's in the US yet.

Stud earrings are not my usual style but when I saw these quirky camera stud earrings, I had to add these here. These are sold out online, or I would have placed my order by now. Photographer's bias is pretty obvious here but I still think these are very cute.

A navy blazer with golden buttons is a foolproof classic. I own one and wear it a lot!

Overall, this look really works for me.

(Sur) torial: Snappy Casual

Knot detail top: Available at COS
Pinstripe Pants: Available at Nordstrom


Toddler Girls Fashion: A Night Out

My girls are usually in bed by 8 p.m. or, if staying up late, somewhere very causal with us, sometimes even in their PJs. If, however,  I ever have to dress them for a formal evening out, this would be my outfit of choice. A printed shift dress with dressy tights and shoes, and a simple A-line coat in a contrasting color. Holiday season is not too far away so a couple of pieces to consider seriously.

Toddler Girls Fashion: A Night Out

Dress: Available at Wunway
Coat: Available at COS


Toddler Girls Fashion: H&M geometric print jacket & mustard felt shorts

How have you guys been? I was MIA all of last week but am back now. My parents were visiting us from India and I have been busy hanging out with them, just chilling, eating delicious mom-made food, and just getting pampered. It's good for you once in a while, non? They are back home now and it's also time for me to get back to work and blog. 

Do you remember this H&M jacket from last year? And these mustard felt shorts too? Well, we are still in love and they still fit. These shorts actually fit both my daughters now, and I'll soon be posting the younger one wearing these. It's been a forgiving fall so far, but I am sure the chillier days are not too far away. I would add tights to this outfit for a perfect fall look.

I like this cute white lace overlay top with this look. It's perfect for 73 degree days like today. Is it fall? Or summer? Or may be spring came too soon ; )

White top: Target Similar here.
H&M Geometric Jacket: H&M
Mustard Shorts: Designer Kids Boutique, India


Toddler Girls Fashion: Cutest loafers on the planet!

These are the cutest l'll loafers I have ever come across! It was a very random find in India (just like this quilted jacket) at a tiny mom and pop shoe store at a strip mall. I bought the smallest size available and it's just starting to fit my 3-year-old. I am hoping she can make good use of these before the heavy duty winter boots come out of the closet! Stay tuned for an outfit post featuring these next week!

On a side note, I am collecting This is series of books by Miroslav Sasek for her and This is Paris was first of the series, which I bought after our trip to Paris to keep reminding her of some of the things we saw there. She doesn't remember much any more since that was a year ago, but it's still fun to read it to her. She sits still for only 3-4 pages but that's OK. I'll keep trying -- the book is beautifully illustrated and so informative!

Shoes: Mom and Pop store in India
Book: Amazon


Clutch Crushing

Currently crushing on couple of clutches (say that 10 times fast!). 

Love this Anfa Envelope Clutch by Popinjay (+ rest of their collection!). And Candela Novembre is flaunting the second one on the streets of Paris at this week's Paris Fashion Week. With their bright hues/patterns and intricate work, it's almost like carrying two pieces of art - one ethnic and one contemporary.

Aren't these clutches something something?




(Sur)torial: Easy Breezy Uniform

My everyday uniform is essentially made of stripes and jeans, and I try to come up with versatile ways to accessorize the look. In this case, I was actually looking to build an outfit around these floral shoes. Although my intention was not to involve stripes and denim again, it just ended up being that way. Printed shoes and striped tees go so well. In fact, prints and stripes generally go well together.

Because my goal here is to draw attention to the shoes, I went with neutral structured satchel to go with it. I added a scarf just to add some interest and contrast. It's also weather appropriate. Feel free to let go of the scarf and add a pair of stylish sunnies. Whatever soothes your soul.

I don't own any of these accessories but would love to. The shoes are so cool, no?

(Sur) torial


Toddler Girls Fashion: Quilted Jacket, Distressed Denim & Some leaf peeping

A quilted piece is a fall staple and this plum color quilted jacket was love at first sight. I bought it in India when I visited last winter. I've been waiting for my younger one to grow into it. It finally fits her really well. The sleeves are a bit long so I fold them, and I obviously should right, since the striped details look even better. I layered a floral top underneath, and paired it up with distressed denim. I seriously want one in my size!

Quilted Jacket: Baby League (from India)
Floral Top: Target
Jeans: H&M

Enough fall talk. This past weekend was summer all over again. We drove up North for some leaf peeping and it was the perfect weekend for that. The girls had a blast! Couldn't resist making some snapies!

I know, I know. I need to take them both for a hair cut!


Toddler Girls Fashion: Hounds, Houndstooth Pants and Wingtip Shoes

This is one of my favorite fall looks for my 2-year-old. These houndstooth leggings with suede knee patches and wingtip boots are everything! And because she loves "doggy" so much, this adorable printed sweater just rounds up the entire look. Oh, am I forgetting the peter pan collar? I have no idea which piece I love the most. It's a win-win all the way. 

Peter Pan Top: babyGap
Sweater: H&M
Houndstooth Pants: H&M
Shoes: Gusella


Toddler Girls Fashion: Peplum, Gingham and Golden

A few latest fall additions to my 3-year-old's closet. Golden shoes are my weakness. I just couldn't resist these cool kicks for my daughter. Also love this peplum top with floral patches and cute button details at the back. Overall, a stretchy comfy outfit for an active toddler. 

Top: Camilla (from Marshalls)
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Old Navy


Toddler girl fashion: houndstooth pants & floral top

Do you remember these houndstooth pants from last year? The cutest hand-me-down my younger one has received from her sister. My older one wore these pants a lot and I am surprised they are still alive. I am so glad we put these to such good use. Pairing them with a chambray shirt and a floral top for a cozy layered look. 

Chambray Shirt: La Miniatura
Floral Top: Target (Genuine Kids from OshKosh)
Houndstooth Pants: H&M


Toddler Girls Fall Fashion: Sweatshirt Chic

Something so casual, comfy, and chic about cute graphic crew neck sweatshirts and slouchy skinny sweatpants. I love these looks for my 3-year-old and my almost 2-year-old. School, playdate, or park, it's a fun sporty look for chilly fall days. And aren't these backpacks just too adorable?

Sweatshirt Chic


Classic Fall Pieces

Some classic must-haves for this fall. I love fur vests but haven't really owned one ever. My goal is to get one soon for this season. A ripped boyfriend jeans is another one on my wish list, and so is a pair of pointy neon flats. It's time to go shopping I guess. What are some of your fall favorites?

Classic Fall Pieces



Felt the first fall chill in the air this week. So I guess it's time to officially fall-ify your closet and talk transition pieces. I am loving this sweatshirt shift dress by Madewell -- easy and casual for those out and about days. Throw on oxford flats, add a pop of color by carrying a floral cross body, and you are good to go.



Toddler Girl Fashion: Indian Inspired Top & Color Block Skirt

My 3-year-old wore this outfit to National Night Out Party at her school a few days ago. My aunt founded this clothing line Cotton Route and their amazing collection is made using 100% natural and handmade fabrics sourced in India. She has been designing clothes for me since I was a baby and I am so happy my girls are also able to enjoy her exceptional outfits. xo 

Printed top & skirt: Cotton Route


Picnic Red + Turquoise

I love pairing this top with my gold and turquoise necklace. Remember my gingham style post from last year? I think I really do love this combo, and it's an easy outfit for on-the-go days.

Top: Tory Burch
Jeans: GAP
Pumps: Banana Republic
Necklace: Fabindia (from India)


Toddler Girls Fashion: Geo Print Top

I was looking for a kite print top for my daughter's third birthday a few weeks ago. But it was a little more complicated than it sounds. It had to be a kite print top without being a kite print top. You know what I mean? I was looking for a modern, colorful top for a casual party in the park, but it had to be kite related as she had a kite flying party. I found this awesome geo print top at Marimekko. The Boston store was out of her size so a few phone calls later, I was able to get it shipped from one of their subsidiary stores in NY.  I love how vibrant and summery this top is; totally her personality!

She was wearing her Mini Melissa Campana jelly flats  on her birthday; however, I recently bought her these Salt Water sandals. She 'picks' her own shoes every morning while getting dressed and these are awaiting their turn but I am hoping she'll start wearing them soon.

P.S. Any toddler mind readers here? Please contact me. I may give you some serious business ; )

Top: Marimekko
Shorts: babyGap
Sandals: Salt Water


Toddler Girls Fashion: Cycle Chic

First post since the blog redesign and hence a special one!

There is something very happy and relaxing about bikes, baskets and flowers. When we were in Paris last summer, I kept looking for a bike and flower printed tee for my daughters but didn't find one. Just last month, I spotted this tee at Gymboree and fell in love. They only had one size left, and luckily it fits my younger one perfectly. 

An obvious combination choice would have been to pair it up with a solid color (may be pink or green) shorts or pants or with denim. But when I am thinking Paris + bike + chic, I am thinking something out of ordinary. I had just bought these trendy pants from H&M and voila, I had a perfect combo ready to go.

Printed Tee: Gymboree
Check Pants: H&M


Photographer Chic

A super comfy and covered (I get sunburnt very easily) outfit for walking around and shooting this summer. I absolutely love this Crumpler bag (it can use an easy access cell phone pocket though) and have been using it extensively since more than a year. I like this outfit for casual shoots (engagements, family etc). All outfits don't have to be black and boring. Shoot in style and stay tuned for more "photographer chic" inspiration!

Photographer Chic


Tropical Vacay: Mama and Toddler Girls Fashion

Summer prints and essentials for a fun beach vacation.

- I always like to wear comfy clothing when I am around my daughters. Cross body bags are my favorite around kids as I only carry the basic stuff like phone, keys, wallet etc and like to keep my hands as free as possible. I recently bought this from Topshop and am loving it. For everything else, there is the diaper bag or stroller.

- I love these comfy drawstring pants for my older toddler with a solid chambray halter top. And these Mini Melissa Campana jelly flats are the cutest! She has been wearing the gold color in these. Perfect for wading pools, sprinklers, and other fun summer activities.

- Cutest lemon print shorts with a cute drawstring top. A pair of crocs is our all time summer fav.

Tropical Vacay


out and about

A no-fuss look for a casual summer day. I would wear this outfit for running errands around town, coffee with girl friends, stroll in the park with my kids, shopping, and pretty much anything on a nice summer day.

out and about


Toddler Summer Dresses

My older daughter is almost three, and I rarely ever put her in dresses. I think I just want her to be my baby, and not look all grown up wearing dresses. I am trying to get out of that mindset, and am open to trying some cute summer dresses for her this season. These are some of my picks from Crewcuts.

Toddler Summer Dresses


What's up, Smiley Face?

Listening to Sinatra, sipping tea, editing, blogging, and trying to hang with the kids all at the same time. What's everyone up to this rainy Tuesday afternoon?

Zebra Top: Shoppers Stop, India
Corduroy Pants: babyGap


Yellow Bow Spring Coat

My 14-month old has been really enjoying her spring coat since this past week. We were hanging out, and just getting ready to go for a walk on a gorgeous spring afternoon.


Photographer Chic

Being a photographer, and always having to dress up in most comfortable clothes doesn't really mean giving up on style. For a casual outdoor photography session (engagement shoot or family and kids portraits) this spring/summer, you can wear super comfy black leggings, chambray shirt, and dress them up with cute accessories. Tieks ballet flats are most photographers' new favorite these days. I don't really own a pair yet but I am definitely investing in one this season. I also have my eyes on a chic camera satchel this year.

So my photo friends, let's kick-off the season and get cracking in style. #shootinstyle

Photographer Chic


Spring Fever

Did I talk about my 'floral' obsession a couple days ago? I think it's getting out of control. This is another cute shift dress I love for my toddler. I'd do beige or gray tights underneath for chillier days. And one can never go wrong with a faux fur vest. 

Dress: Mothercare
Faux Fur Vest: H&M


Mustard Felt Shorts

Mustard is one of my most favorite colors. I couldn't resist these mustard felt shorts with such cute pocket details when I first saw them. These shorts are also super versatile. Just because spring is in the air, I have been feeling all floral. I will; however, post a couple more looks with these shorts in the weeks to come. These can be paired up with tights, vests, jackets, and so much more. 

If there were a mini ModCloth site, I'd expect to see this outfit there. Don't you agree? ; )

Shirt & Shorts: Designer Kids Boutique, India


Coral & Floral

How about a coral biker jacket this spring? I seem to be loving this color lately...check out this gorgeous coral plaid coat here. Also, aren't these floral boots the cutest?


Spring Chic

So excited spring is officially here! Let's kick it off with this really chic shift dress from Crew Cuts by J.Crew. A perfect dress for spring time. You can style it several ways. My daughter wore this on a slightly chilly day with navy blue leggings and blue boots seen below. Get rid of the leggings on a warmer day, and the dress looks so stylish with the zip details on the side, and the bright beautiful print and colors.

For a cool, casual look, I would style it with a denim jacket. I love this dress, and I certainly see her wearing this a lot this spring/summer. 

Dress: Crew Cuts by J.Crew
Jacket: H&M
Boots: babyGap