(Sur)torial: Easy Breezy Uniform

My everyday uniform is essentially made of stripes and jeans, and I try to come up with versatile ways to accessorize the look. In this case, I was actually looking to build an outfit around these floral shoes. Although my intention was not to involve stripes and denim again, it just ended up being that way. Printed shoes and striped tees go so well. In fact, prints and stripes generally go well together.

Because my goal here is to draw attention to the shoes, I went with neutral structured satchel to go with it. I added a scarf just to add some interest and contrast. It's also weather appropriate. Feel free to let go of the scarf and add a pair of stylish sunnies. Whatever soothes your soul.

I don't own any of these accessories but would love to. The shoes are so cool, no?

(Sur) torial

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