(Sur) torial: Snappy Casual

This outfit is great for work, client meetings or networking events. You can dress it up or down, and get a lot out of it. I wear a lot of bright colors and I love this COS top. I have been waiting for COS store to open its doors in NYC since quite a few months. I was in the city recently; however, just based on my online searches, I don't think it's in the US yet.

Stud earrings are not my usual style but when I saw these quirky camera stud earrings, I had to add these here. These are sold out online, or I would have placed my order by now. Photographer's bias is pretty obvious here but I still think these are very cute.

A navy blazer with golden buttons is a foolproof classic. I own one and wear it a lot!

Overall, this look really works for me.

(Sur) torial: Snappy Casual

Knot detail top: Available at COS
Pinstripe Pants: Available at Nordstrom

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