Toddler Girls Fashion: Cutest loafers on the planet!

These are the cutest l'll loafers I have ever come across! It was a very random find in India (just like this quilted jacket) at a tiny mom and pop shoe store at a strip mall. I bought the smallest size available and it's just starting to fit my 3-year-old. I am hoping she can make good use of these before the heavy duty winter boots come out of the closet! Stay tuned for an outfit post featuring these next week!

On a side note, I am collecting This is series of books by Miroslav Sasek for her and This is Paris was first of the series, which I bought after our trip to Paris to keep reminding her of some of the things we saw there. She doesn't remember much any more since that was a year ago, but it's still fun to read it to her. She sits still for only 3-4 pages but that's OK. I'll keep trying -- the book is beautifully illustrated and so informative!

Shoes: Mom and Pop store in India
Book: Amazon

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