Toddler Girls Fashion: multi-season clothing?

Some brightness and sunshine for you on a rainy day in Boston. 

I am actually wondering how many of us carry same pieces of clothing from one season to the next. Especially from spring to fall. Obviously there is a huge difference in colors, textures etc going from spring into fall; however, I feel like there are certain pieces that can easily fall under multi-season clothing category. Don't you agree?

It's pretty evident from the cherry blossoms that these pictures were taken in spring; however, I can totally see N wearing exactly the same outfit in fall with additional layering. Even O can wear the same vest and jeans, with perhaps a darker or more neutral top. 

I especially like to be practical with kids' clothing, and make good use of their clothes until the clothes either wear out or don't fit anymore. 

Most of these pieces are styled differently in several of my other blog posts. You can check them out here, here, here, and here.

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