Ultimate Fall Favorites

- This fall is all about plaid, tartan, houndstooth (if only I had a dollar for every time I said    houndstooth around here), and checks in general. This coral plaid coat  is certainly being put to great use by N. And remember these checked sweaters from last year? Looks like all these amazing checked outfits (and accessories) are back in style.

- Sneakers and slip-ons are huge this season! Nike sneakers are definitely trending, chucks are going strong, and really all sorts of sneakers and slip-ons are seen everywhere around town and online.

- If you haven't bought a wool fedora yet, go buy it. Now.

- I've been noticing a lot of classic Chanel quilted bags, and cross body bags in general.

- Last but not least, I am definitely going plum crazy this fall. What's you fall color palette looking like?

Ultimate Fall Favorites

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