Toddler Girls Fashion: All for Children textured hooded top

We love this bubble-texture hooded top from H&M All for Children collection. It's cozy and comfy, and a great addition to N's fall closet. You may remember these checked pants styled with a peplum top from a couple weeks ago.

This is N totally in her element, teasing me and running away the second I point my camera at her. But that's what I actually want -- to photograph kids as they are, in a 'day in the life' way. Funny, silly and just being themselves. That's what I want to remember as a mom, years later, when I look at these photographs. 

Textured Hooded Top: Available at H&M
Pants: H&M (old)


  1. Love this sweatshirt and is random padded bubbles... but what strikes me most here are your daughter's gorgeous eyes and the overall loveliness of these photos. Just beautiful.

  2. Thanks Jessica! Thanks for stopping by.