Toddler Girls Fashion: These boots are made for rocking!

These metallic ankle boots are just gorgeous, and I was lucky to find N's size before they were all sold out. I had been waiting for H&M's All for Children collection for UNICEF since a long time. I loved their collection last year, and my favorite abstract print jacket is from this collection. Side note, I also have a childhood love affair with UNICEF greeting cards.  

I could not make it to the store in time to get first dibs on the collection, and I came home with just one hooded top (that I'll be featuring soon) as most things were already sold out. I, however, went back a couple days later, and found these amazing boots. It was love at first sight. I wish they sold one in my size. Seriously, mini me and I could have happily rocked the same pair of boots. And then she would have said " look mama, you and I matching matching."

Boots: H&M

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