Toddler Girls Spring Transitional Clothing

I don't think even the weather can stop my N from wearing skirts anymore! "I don't want to wear this," "These are boy pants," "I want to wear skirts and dresses." This is how most our mornings go these days, unless, I am successful at completely distracting her into doing something else or watching another episode of Peppa Pig!

Pairing this floral swing top with army-green quilted skirt with leggings is a great way to transition into spring.

Pencil-y skirts are obviously not an ideal choice for an active kid like her so I save skirts for occasional outings where she is not going to be at a playground or biking etc. But sometimes I give up reasoning with her and just let her be in an outfit she wants to be in. 

Love these two...just doing their thang. 

Quilted skirt: Feathers USA via Zulily

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