Gap x ED: Encouraging and empowering girls everywhere

Gap X Ellen DeGeneres collection is out, and I was able to grab a few favorites for N this past week. I love this collection, and it's so in line with my fashion philosophy and life philosophy in general. It's about finding your unique, and taking pride in it. It's all about empowering girls and being bold, fierce, and creative. I have been meaning to write a paragraph or two about why I write this blog and what fashion means to me, no matter what age. This sort of pretty much sums it. I will write more in details later but now back to Gap X ED.

The collection has many great pieces and DIY patch sets to create your own designs. It's fun, creative, and simply inspiring. 

As a kids photographer in Boston, I have said it many times before and I am saying it again: I absolutely love photographing kids in their element -- being fun, being silly, and just being themselves.

What better way to describe the collection better than N model some pieces, and being her usual naughty, funny self!

Check out the collection here at Gap.com.

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