Kids Fashion Blog: Raspberry Plum & J. Crew

I love mixing and matching styles, and this outfit is a perfect blend of American and European kids fashion. UK-Based brand Raspberry Plum's top is just beautiful and feels so soft. N rarely comments on the "feel" of her clothing but wore this top the other day and said "I like this top, it feels so soft." I paired it with J. Crew shorts with a pair of leggings underneath.

The color combination is very unique, and the overall outfit was so comfortable. N wore it for hours with no complains whatsoever.

I took these shots at my photography studio where she was invited to help mommy test some new lighting. I don't know how she feels, but I loved having my little helper around.

Top: Raspberry Plum
Shorts: Crewcuts by J. Crew

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  1. This mixing matching style is very unique and sure kids are also loving it.