Holiday Wish List for Third Eye Chic

When most people in the online world are creating 'gift guides,' I am creating 'wish lists' (for me). Speaking of being selfish and all. But, hey, most or all of these things can turn into gift guide items too. Especially #4, and I might actually order this gorgeous desk calendar for a few people in my life. They won't get it in time for Christmas but definitely in the New Year.

My gift to myself for my studio was #3. Love this gold task lamp on my desk. And I would really love #2 New York skyline ring. It would be so cool to have Manhattan wrapped around my finger ; ) And #1 is my another favorite. This is also available in a gorgeous mustard. Mustard is my favorite color but for some reason, I was really drawn to this classic black. What are some of the top items on your wish list?

Holiday Wish List

1. The Fin Shoulder Bag: Popinjay
2. New York Cityscape Skyline Ring: Shapeways
3. Brass Task Lamp: Target
4. Les Femmes Desk Calendar: Rifle Paper Co. 

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