Children's Fashion Blog: Girls Jacquard Dress

This little love of mine is THREE years old today! Whoa, how did this happen!? 

For her birthday photo shoot at the studio, she was more interested in pistachios than pictures. And rightfully so. Why stand and pose for mama when there are a million better things to do in this little curious world. Right? And anyway, it's so fun photographing them in their own element (umm, moody moments)! 

She was really interested in wearing this dress, though. Just until about a few weeks ago, she would be completely OK with me picking her outfit, and would never fuss about wearing a skirt or a dress. Not any more, nuh-uh. She wants to wear what her sister wears and thinks wearing skirts and dresses is cool. I have never bought velvety jacquard dresses for any of them before but I saw this dress, and I could just picture Ona wear it! It's so her!

Dress: Zara

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