Top 5 valentine's day inspired girls tops: part 2

According to N, her favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. Well, it's not even a real holiday but this year it's on Sunday so it kind of is. My husband and I are not into celebrating Valentine's Day and buying gifts and flowers etc, but this year, since the girls are so excited, I am thinking of doing something simple and special. And why not? It's the little things.

And of course, for me, it starts with picking a cute outfit or top, and then planning the rest of it. I will be heading to Playtime New York that weekend so we'll may be bake and celebrate before hand. But first things first: these cute tops! I posted part 1 of Valentine's Day inspired tops earlier this week, and today there's more outfit inspiration for your little girls.

If you like non-cheesy, subtle and neutral clothing for your girls like me, these are great choices. Cute and simple yet appropriate for the occasion. Have you picked your Valentine's Day outfit for your kids yet? Please share your favorite picks in comments below. 

Shop the tops:

1. Target
5. Boden

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