Kids fashion blog: Lights, Camera, Studio Time!

This was a very special "test" shoot with Neve and Ona at my studio. It was a test shoot because they were helping me test lighting for an important shoot the following week. It was a special one because it was their last shoot at this particular studio! Yes, our studio is moving! Our family is moving 20 minutes outside of Boston in the end of August, and so is our studio (we are currently hunting for the perfect studio space)! So it's business as usual, just from the next town over : ) 

From genuine smiles to fake ones to a mad look, they pretty much covered an entire spectrum of emotions. They can stand still (and look happy!) for 1 or 2 pictures max. Changing backdrops, tweaking the light  set up - forget about it! And I don't blame them - running around in the studio, and admiring their own artwork which was displayed in the studio was way more exciting than standing at one boring spot! 

I am sharing a few of my favorites! We did 2-3 outfit changes so rest of the looks will be coming up soon in subsequent blog posts. See you guys soon!

Yellow dress: Gap
Cotton top: Soma (India)
Jeans: Ralph Lauren

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