Beacon Hill Family Date Night

We pretty much have three more weeks in downtown Boston before our big move to the burbs! Most of us will be in the city everyday anyway, so I am hoping things won't be too different, but we definitely won't be out and about in the city as much as we are now. So, when possible, I try to document some of our favorite activities and locations to preserve our memories and life as we've always known.

One gorgeous evening in spring, instead of taking the girls to the park, we decided to wander Beacon Hill for a change of scenery. Spring flowers were in full bloom, the girls were cheerful, and the weather was just perfect so an impromptu evening walk turned into a very special one, and we all had a great time!

After running up and down the cobbled streets for awhile, we took a little walk on Charles St. as ice cream was next on the agenda. The girls window shopped and hopped around anxiously waiting for their treat.

We finally made our way to J.P. Licks! The girls even made a new friend as they enjoyed their ice cream cones and shared some giggles. 

It was so much fun getting to act like "tourists" in our own city!

Dresses: H&M

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