girls fashion blog: Tuesday's twirl-worthy tulle goodness

What do you do when you have freshly painted walls, an unfurnished room, and brand new beautiful twirl-worthy tulle skirts? You put on your skirts and get to twirling, of course!

This was like a dream come true for the girls. If you've been following this blog for a while, you know we are (I am) not into princess-y dressing. If I let my older one dress herself, she'd be a giant  "pink butterfly unicorn rainbow princess." But we still love to tulle - just a tad differently!

When I saw these skirts, I just HAD to have them. I have been looking for some fun and bright skirts for the girls for an upcoming festival of Diwali, an Indian wedding, and just for dressing up when they feel like. These skirts have a little shimmer, and look so lovely in the sunlight! Believe it or not, most of our clothes are still packed since the move a couple of weeks ago. So we improvised and paired the skirts with whatever we had readily available! We love the look of combining casual tees with these skirts. I would even try a chambray shirt and add some cute boots. 

As you can tell, the girls were having a blast! And I honestly don't ever want to furnish that room. Those bare walls and that light are a photographer mom's dream come true!

Skirts: Anais & I 
Tops: Gap (old)

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