NYC Summer Adventures: We walk the High line

I had a very memorable weekend with the girls in New York City back in July. Impromptu trips are the best, aren't they? My husband had a work trip to New York, and one of my weekend shoots got rescheduled so we decided to tag along last minute. We visited family in NJ for two days, which was awesome, and then spent two days just hanging out and enjoying the city.

Day 1: We went to Bryant Park, rode the Le Carrousel, and enjoyed the Reading Room (kid-sized furniture and book carts with a variety of books you can pick up and read). My aunt joined us for this fun day in the city so while the girls enjoyed flipping through the books, we enjoyed an iced coffee and simply relaxed. It was a Tuesday afternoon, and somehow there's more thrill in taking time off mid-week and breaking the norm. We had lunch, ice cream, walked around and window shopped, but the girls definitely ran out of steam by 4 p.m. We went back to the hotel, had a quick nap, and then the three of us went for a quiet dinner since daddy was still at work. I didn't want to carry my camera around all day, it was fun to be fully present in these memorable moments.

Day 2: One thing I definitely wanted to do was walk the High Line with the girls. I had done the walk before and wanted the girls to experience that as well. It was warmer than we would have liked it to be but we were still troopers and almost finished the 1.45 mile walk. It was a fun-filled learning experience for them. They still remember all the "key words" from the trip - Hudson river, Queen Anne's Lace (flower), yellow cabs etc. We enjoyed the city views, took an ice cream break (of course!), sat on the benches for a while, had other tourists take our picture together - it was perfect!

After High Line, we went to SoHo for lunch, visited a local park, and headed back to the hotel. I am so glad I got to share my love for the city with the girls. I cherished my quality time with them - teaching, exploring, and building memories. We wished daddy could have joined us too, but we were still very content with our girls (extended) weekend in the city!

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