girls fashion blog: noe´ & zoë AW16 Part two

More adorable looks from Noe´& Zoë! We loved playing in the sunlight with these patterns and bright colored finds.


Girls fashion blog: Mix & Match

I am loving this bright yellow top for the upcoming cold weather! The lovely graphic adds an element of fun and is sure to make you smile. It also really stands out paired with this striped shirt. The fuzzy sneakers add a sporty look and will keep your little one's toes toasty warm! 

Be sure to get these finds for your kiddo- links below!

Top: Melijoe
Tights: Target 
Sneakers: Zara


kids fashion blog: noe´ & zoë aw16

N & O are loving these fun looks from Noe´& Zoë! A black and white crown, a bright coral tutu, and an adorable face mask - these accessories are definitely for the lively kiddos. We had a lot of fun playing around and taking these silly photos too!

Whimsy Wednesday: When Elephants Fly

Elephants are some of the most intelligent, empathetic, and social animals around - of course we're going to love them. And when elephants fly, there's nothing more majestic and whimsical! Showcased here are numerous elephant inspired pieces, perfect for creating a mystical and happy vibe. Whether displayed on kids' clothing or used to decorate their rooms, these magical animals are sure to make you smile. I am especially obsessed with the gorgeous baby elephant print (be sure to check out his amazing story!) and the teal elephant bench. Simply adorable! Check out where you can get these fun finds in the links below.

1. Mrs Mighetto via Cou Cou Boston
3. Zara
4. Noeser


Girls Fashion Blog: Flying High

These whimsical dresses have me wishing I was a kid again! The calming colors perfectly embody the magic that can be seen in these graphics. Flying high in hot air balloons or parachuting through beautiful scenery, these dresses will have your little ones day dreaming. Cozy and adorable, pair them with fun patterned leggings or tights to complete the look! Details in links below.

Left Dress: Catmini via Alex and Alexa
Left Tights: Tiny Cottons
Right Dress: Nice Things Mini via Smallable
Right Tights: Tiny Cottons


girls fashion blog: traditional Indian outfits with a modern twist

For a couple of reasons, I sometimes have to get creative with girls' Diwali outfits:

- I restock girls' Indian outfits during our annual India trip. Since they are growing so fast, by the time Diwali comes around, sometimes they have outgrown their outfit or we end up attending more than one- or two Diwali events and I need multiple options.

- Also, fall is at its peak around Diwali here in Boston, and I prefer to dress them in something festive yet warm. 

So when I run out of their Indian outfits, my solution is a modern twist to traditional Diwali outfits. Mixing and matching these shiny gold and green skirts with a cozy jumper and cardigan seems like a great idea! The girls will stay snug, their skirts will completely blend with rich colors and textures of most Indian outfits, and they will definitely be able to wear these outfits again during upcoming holiday celebrations all the way through to New Year. Win-Win-Win.

On the left

Green Jumper
Gold Skirt

On the right

Crew Neck Cardigan
Green Skirt


Make a Splash: Girls' Rain Boots

Somewhere over the rainbow...we hope these adorable rain boots are waiting! What child doesn't love to splash around in puddles or catch rain drops on their tongue? Now they can do it in style with these practical yet eye catching finds. From the classic yellow polka-dot boots to the playful pink horse design, you can't go wrong! Check out where to find them in the links below!

Top left: Boden
Top middle: Target
Top right: Joules
Bottom left: Melijoe
Bottom middle: Dolce & Gabbana
Bottom right: Melijoe


girls fashion blog: Overalls for All

Mixed and matched some earthy colors and fun prints and textures. Each piece of clothing is so beautiful and unique on its own. All details in the links below. 

Left Outfit
Overall: April Showers via Shan and Toad
Shoes: Zara

Right Outfit
Top: Waddler via Shan and Toad
Overall: Fin & Vince
Shoes: Coolis


Kids Fashion Blog: playful & funky looks

We are loving these quirky outfits. It's always fun to choose colorful looks for your little ones, especially if they're as comfy as these ones! I can picture the girls wearing these to school, playground, playdate or just lounging around the house. The leggings add a unique modern touch, complementing the colors in the bird patch and 'glowing' zebra. Cute no?

Zebra Sweatshirt: Melijoe
Pink Leggings: Babesta
Bird Sweatshirt: Melijoe
Blue Leggings: Babesta


girls fashion blog: flowyness for fall

I try to create win-win looks combining my simple and modern style, and my older one's girly girl style. She is sure to love this beautiful ruffled blouse and a flowy patterned skirt. Paired with 'sunset orange' shoes you can't go wrong with this look. Wear it with tights during the cooler weather and your little ones will be ready to enjoy their fall day! Check out the links below for more info.

Top: Smallable
Skirt: Smallable
Shoes: Coolis
Tights: Tiny Cottons


Playful Pom Poms: Girl's Fashion

You could say I'm crushing on this pom pom sweater. I have been eyeing this for my girls for awhile now, I just might have to buy it soon. Paired with the striped knitted leggings, this combo makes for a comfortable yet playful look. Add the navy leather high-tops for a solid contrast! These high-tops are another favorite that might be in the girls' closets soon.

Sweater: Hanna Andersson
Leggings: Smallable
Sneakers: Clarks


Kids fashion blog: Chic Loafers

It's a beautiful day in Boston to wear these wonderful and uber trendy hand me downs. If you remember, these loafers have been featured here several times before and I still love them so much. N used to wear these and now O is but the sole is about to fall off (so sad). Luckily, they've both gotten the chance to enjoy this unique find!

Kids fashion blog: perfect fall mix and match girls' outfits

Coordinating outfits for the girls without being "matchy matchy" is always a fun task. These unique colors, textures and prints make these outfits full of mix and match potential. I love every single detail in these pieces of clothing. The printed huts skirt is so out-of-ordinary and so is the printed jacket. The tulle skirt has a pinstripe lining which makes it stand out and the knitted cardigan is just perfection! This is fall dressing at its best. Add a pair of neutral tights and this outfit can be worn all the way through to spring time! See where to get these unique finds in the links below.

Left Outfit
Cardigan: Bobo Choses via Smallable
Skirt: Lulaland

Right Outfit
Jacket: Oeuf via Shan and Toad
Skirt: Nice Things Mini via CouCou Boston


Girls fashion blog: top 5 fall sweatshirts under $50

One of the best parts of the fall season is being able to snuggle up in your favorite sweatshirts. This selection has something for every little one's taste and all items are under $50! From the yummy icecream cone to the bold stars and rainbow design, all these sweatshirts have a fun twist. Let's not forget about the blue printed or the vibrant patterned green one either! Check out the links below to buy your favorites. 

Bottom Left: Star Sweatshirt
Bottom Right: Rainbow Sweatshirt


Girls Fashion Blog: Favorite Fall Dresses

These fall inspired dresses are ideal to have in your little one's wardrobe. The longer sleeves will keep them warm while the fun patterns and colors keep them stylish. I especially love the 'faces woven dress' featured in the bottom left corner - a unique find. Pair these dresses with fun boots, tights, and cozy scarves! Find out where you can find them in the links below.

Top Left: H&M
Top Right: Smallable
Middle: Neiman Marcus
Bottom Left: Tiny Cottons
Bottom Right: Hanna Andersson


Boo-ha ha: Halloween-Inspired kids fashion

"Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me...all of these fun goodies!" With Halloween right around the corner it only seemed fitting to share these exciting finds. Best part is these items can be combined into costumes or worn on their own, and can be incorporated into everyday dressing the entire month of October! If your Halloween decorations are going to be up all month, no reason why your wardrobe can't have the same spooky spirit! Cozy sweaters with unique cartoon prints? Bat leggings and an adorable handmade charm necklace? Cutest vampire Dr. Martens? Take your pick and find out where to get them in the links below! 

Vampire Shoes: 6pm
Cat w/ Mask Sweater: Gap
Charm Necklace: Boutique Little
Orange Cat Mask: H&M
Blinking Eye Sweatshirt: Neiman Marcus
Tiny Hands Scarf: Thumbeline
Bat Leggings: GAP
Sparkly Black Tutu: Target
Spooky Cat Pullover: Revolve


Friday's Apple Picking Date

I am so glad I got to accompany my daughter on her school field trip last Friday! Apple picking is one of our favorite fall activities. I have been going with the girls on their field trips for the past 2-3 years. It's always a good mid week break for half a day and such a fun activity to do with them. This time it was me and O since N is now in kindergarten, and the girls are on different schedules. 

We had a great morning at the farm, O got to play with her school friends, eat lunch, ride the train, and was a happy little (tired) camper by the afternoon. 

Mix & Match: Baby Edition

It's been a while since I put an outfit together for a baby! I saw these cute pieces while browsing and simply had to share this look for the wee one in your life. Mustard is such a great color for fall, and also very in this season. This cute cardigan over peter pan collar top and printed pants is definitely going to make your baby feel cozy and stylish.  

All pieces can be found at H&M:


Girls Fashion Blog: Fun and unique Necklaces

Incase you haven't realized it yet, I am not one for boring outfits. I love adding flare through vibrant colors or patterns, which is why these necklaces are the ideal accessory! From these handcrafted ballerina pendants to the eye catching golden horse charm, these are very unique finds. I especialy love the bright blue and yellow color scheme that make up the majority of them. Follow the links below to see where to get these one of a kind necklaces!

Ballerina Necklaces: Under The Evergreen via Etsy
Doll Face Beaded Necklace: Petit Elephant NYC
Pom Pom Elephant Necklace: Anthropologie
Handpainted Geo Doll Necklace: Coral and Cloud via Etsy Shop
Golden Horse Necklace: Carolina Boho Belle