Girls Fashion Blog: Fun and unique Necklaces

Incase you haven't realized it yet, I am not one for boring outfits. I love adding flare through vibrant colors or patterns, which is why these necklaces are the ideal accessory! From these handcrafted ballerina pendants to the eye catching golden horse charm, these are very unique finds. I especialy love the bright blue and yellow color scheme that make up the majority of them. Follow the links below to see where to get these one of a kind necklaces!

Ballerina Necklaces: Under The Evergreen via Etsy
Doll Face Beaded Necklace: Petit Elephant NYC
Pom Pom Elephant Necklace: Anthropologie
Handpainted Geo Doll Necklace: Coral and Cloud via Etsy Shop
Golden Horse Necklace: Carolina Boho Belle


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