Whimsy Wednesday: Metallic Must-Haves

These metallic must-haves are so fun! And it's the perfect time of the year to bring these iridescent inspired pieces for today's post. Between the silver mushroom lamp and colorful metallic skirt, you can't go wrong. Check out where to get these for your little ones in the links below!

Top left: Girls Tassel Necklace
Top right: Girls Silvery Metallic Skirt
Middle: Iridescent crossbody bag
Bottom left: Mushroom lamp
Bottom right: Girls Iridescent High-top sneakers


Whimsy Wednesday: Pierrot Collar Inspiration

An elegant yet whimsy style, today's inspiration is Pierrot. Pierrot collars make for great eye-catching decor or unique displays around the home. Check out the details below to see where you can get these fun finds - including the clown inspired items!

1. Loulou Clown
2. Silver Collar
3. Art Print
4. Navy Pierrot Top
5. Clown Kokeshi
6. Pierrot Pillowcase

Tia Cibani Kids - E-shop launch and sale!

Don't miss out on these fabulous deals! Tia Cibani Kids has officially launched their E-Shop and they are offering a storewide 30% off sale. See the image below for the promo code and be sure to check out their site. We especially love the watercolor printed cactus outfits - so special and unique!


Tis the Season: Holiday Gift Guide Under $25

Did somebody say 'stocking stuffers?' These colorful toys and finds are all under $25! We love the sparkly princess crown, ninja bots, bunny lunch bag, cozy snood, storage suitcases and the narwhal ship jigsaw puzzle. We actually love these all so much - it's hard to pick favorites! The classic juggling ball set will be fun for both you and your little one to play with together! And let's not forget about the colored pencil set and origami paper for the more crafty kids. Find details about these items in the links below & check back at our previous gift guide posts for more ideas!

0. Boxer the Dog Blanket
1. Origami paper set
2. Tree-hopper ninja bots
3. Rose gold crown
4. Organic snood
5. Juggling balls set
6. Storage suitcase set
7. Narwhal ship puzzle
8. ABC flashcards
9. Colored pencils set
10. Lunchbag bunny


Tis the Season: Holiday Gift Guide Under $30

And the gift guides continue...! This time all these unique finds are under $30 and available in the links below. Bringing it back to a classic movie, the "Nobody puts baby in the corner" poster is a definite must have. And so is the ballerina frisbee. This gift set has plenty of great decor ideas for your little one's room - just in time to spice things up for the new year!

1. Linen Kid Tray
2. Audrey Sunglasses
3. Baby in the Corner Print
4. Giraffe Pillow
5. Ballerina Frisbee
6. Super Hero Hanger
7. Feather Cross-body Bag
8. Heart Paper Bag


Tis the Season: Holiday Gift Guide Under $40

We have many more gift inspiration ideas for you and this time it's all under $40! Whether you're drawn to the Winter's Tale book for a great bedtime story or you think your little one would enjoy playing "make-believe" with the adorable finger puppets, we have plenty of ideas for you! The holidays are fast approaching, be sure to click on the links below to find out where to get these unique finds!

1. People Memory Game
2. Storytellers Puppets
3. "Three Bandits" Print
4. Wooden Book Buggy
5. Wooden Mushrooms
6. Winter's Tale Book
7. Colorful Wood Dolls
8. Wall Flag


Tis the Season: Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

It's that time of year to start thinking about presents! We've put together a great selection of toys, books, decor, and lots of unique finds to give you some gift inspiration for the upcoming weeks. Starting with gifts under $50, we are so excited to share our ideas with you!

In this particular set, we are obsessing over the brick red apron and blue ukulele - ideal gifts for your little chefs and musicians. We've already bought the 'Bonjour' wire sculpture and the Coco Chanel Kokeshi doll - love them! Stay tuned for the rest of our holiday gift guides & be sure to get the details for these fabulous items in the links below!

1. Prism Mobile
2. Silver Toy Car
3. Color Wood Puzzle
4. Blue Ukulele
5. Brick Red Apron
6. Wire Script Sculpture
7. Swan Cushion
8. Coco Kokeshi Doll


Whimsy Wednesday: The March of the Penguins

What animal do we think of during the chilly winter months? Penguins, of course! These adorable little birds make for cute graphics & inspiration for your snowy weather outfits. We especially love the penguin sweater and plush 'Pingo the Penguin' stuffed animal who will surely keep your little one warm at night. Find out the details for these items in the links below!

1. Penguin sweater
2. Pingo the plush toy
3. Penguin onesie
4. Pink penguin jacket
5. Birthday card
6. Cozy pants
7. Penguin skirt
8. CouCou necklace
9. Penguin cardigan

Kids Fashion Blog: Noe & Zoe Pre-Christmas Launch

We hope you're just as excited as we are for the Noe & Zoe "Pre Xmas Launch"! Take a peak at the photos below & be sure to check out their website to get your stylish little ones ready for the holidays! Let the holiday magic begin!

All photos courtesy Noe & Zoe


Kids Fashion Blog: Galaxy Adventures

3...2...1..Blast Off! The beautiful supermoon last night has us reaching for the stars! These galaxy pieces are perfect for any little one who dreams big. Whether it's the swing skirt or cosmic inspired leggings, you can't go wrong with these unqiue finds. Let's not forget about the accessories either! The handmade stargazer necklace is the perfect subtle detail for any space lover's outfit. Be sure to find out where to get these items in the links below!

1. Constellation sweater
2. Galaxy print
3. Blue star shirt
4.Galaxy zippered-case
5. Stargazer necklace
6. Galaxy leggings
7. Galaxy swing skirt
8. Space backpack
9. Cosmic windbreaker


Kids Fashion Blog: Hip to be Square

Checked patterns and monochrome love this Monday afternoon! Be it clothing, decor or gift ideas for the holidays, 'check' out some of our favorites - details in the link below.  

1. Checked Cotton Dress
2. Black and white tights
3. Pathway Pack
4. Checkerboard Shoes
5. Checked knit sweater
6. Reusable paper sack


Giveaway: Flying Carnival by Mrs. Mighetto

Giving away this gorgeous limited edition Mrs. Mighetto Flying Carnival print. Please follow our Instagram for details to enter the giveaway! The giveaway will close on Friday, November 18 at 5 p.m. EST. Thanks and get excited!

Photo Courtesy: http://www.mrsmighetto.com/
Print from CouCou Boston


Kids Fashion Blog: Cardigans & Knits for Fall!

We are loving this assortment of colorful cardigans and knits for the cooler months! These items are a great way to add color or texture to any outfit. Steering away from the typical black and gray colors for winter, these pieces will let kids' bright personalities shine all year round. From unique graphics to sophisticated knits, take your pick. Details in links below!

Top left: JCREW
Top right: Hello Simone
Middle: Gap
Bottom left: Elias & Grace
Bottom right: Elias & Grace


Whimsy Wednesday: Bunny Inspirations

We know there is a long winter ahead of us but the first "brr" in Boston has us dreaming about spring and bunnies already. As they hide away in their burrows for the winter, be sure to check out the links below to see where you can get your own bunny-inspired look!

1. bunny scarf
2. rabbit necklace
3. little bunny garland
4. rabbit circle pillow
5. wooden rocking rabbit
6. bunny dress
7. birch plywood bunny faces
8. rabbit play chair


Kids Fashion Blog: Mini Rodini - Memory Lane Collection

Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog. In celebration of Mini Rodini's tenth anniversarythe iconic Hot Dog print from 2011 is now relaunched in a limited edition version. Check out some of the pieces from this amazing collection which is now available online.


kids fashion blog: mid-century inspired

A mid-century modern inspired mix and match outfit for today! The checked sweater and colors are perfect for fall. Subtle print mixing, with the striped black skirt and printed tights, keeps the attention on the sweater - the highlight of the outfit - while balancing the look and making it more interesting! I really enjoy choosing one 'key' piece and creating the entire look around it. 

1. Checkered Pullover top
2. Striped Black skirt
3. Black 'Mountain' tights
4. Black shoes


Whimsy Wednesday: Superheroes to the Rescue!

We hope you all had a wonderfully spooky Halloween! It was great to look through my Instagram feed to see many little ones dressed up in their costumes. The superhero look was definitely a favorite, inspiring this blog post! No need to wait for next Halloween; act and feel like a superhero everyday with these amazing finds. Be sure to check out the links below to see the details.

1. Superhero poster
2. Cardigan with superhero patch
3. Glittery bat mask
4. Hand-painted superhero toy
5. Poster of 'Mysterious Boy'
6. 'BAM' flared skirt
7. Batman joggers
8. Batman doll
9. Marvel patches shirt


Girls Fashion Blog: color crush

Some of our favorite pieces in a soft and subtle color palette. Love these unique finds and pairings -- such a refreshing change from our usual bright and bold colors. Be sure to check them out in the links below!

1. hand painted wooden bead necklace
2. dotted sweater
3. nomi shoes
4. printed skirt
5. cat and mouse tights