Ieva Fray: Holiday Gift Ideas

"Ieva Fray is little company with a big passion for good design and for promoting the emotional well-being of families." We love this company and their unique, playful ideas. They use intentional fraying and annual "birthday patches" on the dolls to signify the way children change over the years. The application of the birthday patch is a great tradition to start between a parent and a child, providing a sense of comfort and growth. Plus, the dolls are simply adorable! Perfect cuddle buddies for the winter months.  

With the holidays still right around the corner, we wanted to share a few of our favorite products from them for adorable gift ideas! You can shop for these items and more at Ieva Fray. Enjoy!

"The Fray Doll is a companion, a sweet tradition, a collection of memories, and a lifelong treasure."

Photo Credit: Ieva Fray

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