Top 10 Ideas Wall Art Ideas for Kids Room

Selecting the right art work for your kids' room can get overwhelming. There are so many options out there, it can get confusing. Below, I created a gallery wall with some of the prints I love, keeping my girls (ages 5.5+ and 4) in mind. We are very happy with the current wall art in girls' shared room, however, when we are ready to switch around the artwork, I'll definitely be using this for inspiration. I especially love the print in blue and the women on bicycles.  I'll be doing a series of more detailed blog posts about creating a unique gallery wall so stay tuned. For now, I hope my top 10 quick-and-dirty wall art ideas make the process fun and inspiring for you. 

10 Wall Art Ideas for Kids Rooms

1. Your kids' artwork
2. Your artwork
3. Old and new photographs
4. Inspired by travel or favorite city
5. Favorite quotes
6. Fine art or abstract art prints
7. Inspired by your kids' hobbies
8. Inspired by the seasons
9. Inspired by languages
10. Anything else that's special to you/your kids and helps tell your family story

Print Sources

Crocodile 1 (Abstract)


Kids lifestyle blog: Introducing chic and minimal designs by Annice

Minimalist designs with great personality is how I would describe this beautiful collection by this Barcelona-based brand Annice. 

Architect and mom of three, Ines Rivaya founded Annice to explore a new way of dressing kids. The simple, sleek designs and the intricate pleats and folds add such a unique dimension to the collection. Her formal training in architecture definitely has an influence on the designs - conception of lines, proportions, volumes, and details.

We love that the collection is so clean, and, at the same time, has sophisticated details that make it playful and stylish for kids. The collection truly embodies "less is more." 

It's so hard to pin point the favorites: mandarin collar dress, long sleeved dress, the pleated dress or the chic breezy tops - we love them all.  I am definitely getting a few pieces for the girls. The collection is available online at Annice

Photo Credit: Laura G Ruiz


Our wicked fun tulip farm adventure

On a nice spring day in early May, the girls and I headed to the Wicked Tulips Flower Farm after school. The farm was about an hour drive from our place. It was an afternoon full of exploration, picking some beautiful tulips, and enjoying the breathtaking views of the farm. 

N has been learning all about the life cycle of the lady bug at school. She and her friends have been really into finding lady bugs and little worms, and it's amazing how easily they spot these creatures from their vantage points. She was clearly more into bugs than flowers but that's all right. Picking flowers later on was way more enjoyable than just watching them.

The girls chased butterflies, talked about the signs of spring, and their favorite colors of tulips. The day was a little chilly when we first left home, but the sun came out soon after we reached the farm and one by one, all clothing layers started to come off.

The weather continued to be nice and warm and soon the farm was bustling with visitors and tulip lovers. Children were running around, people were picking all varieties of tulips, and there were beautiful colors and happy, springy vibes everywhere!

We first spent time in the 'viewing only' section of the farm, and gradually walked over to the picking area. We soon realized that the little wicker baskets were so cute to carry, however, not too practical for the girls so we switched over to the red buckets. And then the picking fun began...

It was such a lovely experience. This was not only the girls' but also my first visit to a tulip farm. I love our random little adventures. We brought back a big bunch of tulips, and the girls couldn't stop talking about the farm for days. 


Fresh Made Simple: Delicious & no-fuss family cookbook

Spring and summer are upon us and we are talking about something we all love here - food! I had a delightful meeting with Lauren Stein, author of the cookbook - Fresh Made Simple - over a hot cup of coffee this winter. Her daughter Abigail inspired the book, and while it’s not a kids’ cookbook, it offers the perfect opportunity to involve kids in the kitchen and make meals together as recipes are easy and kid-friendly.  

I love the simplicity and elegance of this beautifully illustrated cookbook. If you are a visual person like I am, “Look >> Cook >> Savor” kind of cooking is right up my alley. Each recipe is illustrated with fresh ingredients and the desired quantities to make a simple, no-fuss meal. “A beautiful reminder that we don’t need much to enjoy food. A handful of ingredients and a pretty picture will do.”

Stuffed, stacked, spread or scrambled, there are tons of recipes to enjoy! From Leek Corn Egg Bake to Cashew Butter and Raspberry Spinach Parfait, you’ll keep your taste buds guessing. I especially like that some recipes are quite versatile and can be enjoyed at any meal, while others make for great snacks. Once you have fresh ingredients on hand, the book offers a lot of mix and match potential to throw in extra spices, add meats, and really just cater to your individual palate.

The recipe illustrations by Katie Eberts are catchy and self explanatory. It speaks to adults and kids alike. Both my daughters, Neve and Ona (ages 5.5 and 4), are drawn to the illustrations and have been looking forward to trying out a few recipes with me.

Earlier this week after school pick-up and before evening classes, we had a small window of time ideal for a midday pick-me-up snack. We decided to try Strawberries with Ricotta & Balsamic Drizzle. The girls took turns slicing the strawberries, scooping the ricotta, and mixing it all up. We added a little sugar to satisfy our sweet tooths - it was so perfect! My older devoured it and the younger, despite being picky, was a much more willing eater since she was involved in the entire process, and finished her bowl. Neve could also read and look at the picture and follow the steps.

Ona always likes to drag her stool and stand next to me in the kitchen, however, this was the first time both girls actively participated in the process (besides helping bake cookies!). I can totally see us doing this more often from now on.

The book is truly inspiring me to enjoy summer’s luscious bounty, create meaningful experiences cooking together as a family, and turn fresh into simple and delicious. I can’t wait for our summer picnics!

Hope you are as excited about the book as I am! Check it out on Amazon.


Kids Fashion Blog: Did someone say ice cream?

The sun may not be shining in full swing just yet but these ice cream themed goodies have us craving warmer weather. Whether it's vanilla with rainbow sprinkles or chocolate chip chunk in a cone, ice cream always has a way of making little ones smile. We picked out some of our favorite treat inspired products to share today! We especially love the ice cream shop toy basket and adorable pink ice cream cone necklace. Check out the links below to learn more about them.

1. Popsicle top
2. Stay cool, kid print
3. Ice cream wall decals
4. Ice cream toy basket
5. Kids necklace


Whimsy Wednesday: DIY Unicorn Goody Bags

My girls got the most beautiful unicorn favor bags at their friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago! The bags were so cute, and were a huge among my Instagram followers, I just had to ask my talented friend Bina to do a DIY tutorial. The steps are simple and your little ones will love carrying these bags around - no matter what goodies you decide to fill it with. Check out the steps below!

What you'll need:

Follow these 8 Simple steps and enjoy!

1) Use the printables to cut out your horn, face, and ears!

2. Glue glitter to the horn as seen in the pictures below.

3. Glue the face to the bag.

4. Fold and glue the ears to the bag.

5. Glue horn to the bag.

6. It's time to add flowers to the bag

7. Cut, fold, and glue the tulle to the inside of the bag as shown in pictures.

8.Voilà! Get ready to flaunt your beautiful unicorn bag!