Whimsy Wednesday: Magical storytelling bedding

A magical storytelling bedding? Nothing else would have been more appropriate for today's Whimsy Wednesday! Also a great segue from comfy pjs from yesterday's post to beautiful sustainably produced bedding for your sweet littles.  

I discovered Forivor when I was looking for a perfect bedding for the girls' room back in December. Forivor's products are so unique and inspiring at the same time. “At the heart of Forivor’s philosophy, is a commitment to supporting and inspiring the protection of our natural world and all the wildlife that belongs to it, whilst providing an opportunity to learn and explore our imaginations."

I especially love the fact that Forivor's blankets and duvets are accompanied by Character Cards, encouraging kids to explore and inspire bedtime storytelling. I can see this being a huge hit at my house as storytelling is an integral part of our bedtime routine, and the girls' would love stories about all the magical characters on their own bedding.

My older daughter is obsessed with unicorns. Every single book she has ever brought home from the school library has been about unicorns! Forivor's philosophy of supporting the protection of our natural world and wildlife and the beautiful Pegasus-inspired illustrations remind me of the book The Dragon and the Unicorn by Lynne Cherry that we finished reading just the other night. 

I unfortunately couldn't get my hands on the bedding in December as I didn't plan ahead of time to account for international shipment, but it's definitely on my radar. I would love the girls to be able to wrap themselves up in a super-soft heirloom-worthy magical bedding that's a piece of art!

Photo Credit: Lark Rise Pictures for Forivor.

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