Jake + Maya Kids: Sustainable Kids Fashion

We are excited to announce the launch of a worldwide Kickstarter campaign by Jake + Maya Kids, a clothing brand that inspires sustainability and creates clothes that last, and save time and money. The collection is called Metamorphosis, and is inspired by moths and their ability to transform themselves. 

As a mom of twins Jake & Maya, Tze Ching Yeung, Founder and Creative Director of Jake + Maya Kids, was frustrated to see the huge volume of clothing that was regularly disposed of because it had just been outgrown.

The brand's philosophy is “Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids,” and each item has been cleverly designed to grow as your children. Trousers have adjustable elastic waistbands, some items come with extendable hems and cuffs, and some of the key pieces are reversible and multifunctional. A few pieces also come with extension packs and online tutorials to make them last even longer, while simultaneously giving the garments a fresh look. 

The hope is to inspire the next generation to live more sustainably and be less wasteful, without compromising style and quality. The prints have been made gender neutral and the collection has a lot of mix and match potential. 

So if you are looking for effortless and comfortable pieces you and your kids can personalize and experiment with to create new looks, while being environmental friendly at the same time, Jake + Maya Kids has the perfect collection.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign and help spread the word!

Photos: Charney Magri for Jake + Maya Kids


  1. I love the collection by Kick starter known as Metamorphosis. Undoubtedly these Jake and Maya kids have beautifully done the modeling of this beautiful kids collection.

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