Whimsy Wednesday: DIY Unicorn Goody Bags

My girls got the most beautiful unicorn favor bags at their friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago! The bags were so cute, and were a huge among my Instagram followers, I just had to ask my talented friend Bina to do a DIY tutorial. The steps are simple and your little ones will love carrying these bags around - no matter what goodies you decide to fill it with. Check out the steps below!

What you'll need:

Follow these 8 Simple steps and enjoy!

1) Use the printables to cut out your horn, face, and ears!

2. Glue glitter to the horn as seen in the pictures below.

3. Glue the face to the bag.

4. Fold and glue the ears to the bag.

5. Glue horn to the bag.

6. It's time to add flowers to the bag

7. Cut, fold, and glue the tulle to the inside of the bag as shown in pictures.

8.VoilĂ ! Get ready to flaunt your beautiful unicorn bag!


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