Top 10 Wall Art Ideas for Kids Room

Selecting the right art work for your kids' room can get overwhelming. There are so many options out there, it can get confusing. Below, I created a gallery wall with some of the prints I love, keeping my girls (ages 5.5+ and 4) in mind. We are very happy with the current wall art in girls' shared room, however, when we are ready to switch around the artwork, I'll definitely be using this for inspiration. I especially love the print in blue and the women on bicycles.  I'll be doing a series of more detailed blog posts about creating a unique gallery wall so stay tuned. For now, I hope my top 10 quick-and-dirty wall art ideas make the process fun and inspiring for you. 

10 Wall Art Ideas for Kids Rooms

1. Your kids' artwork
2. Your artwork
3. Old and new photographs
4. Inspired by travel or favorite city
5. Favorite quotes
6. Fine art or abstract art prints
7. Inspired by your kids' hobbies
8. Inspired by the seasons
9. Inspired by languages
10. Anything else that's special to you/your kids and helps tell your family story

Print Sources

Crocodile 1 (Abstract)


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