step into summer fun with suns: coolest sun-activated color changing footwear

Step into summer fun with a new footwear brand with coolest styles and a positive message to pass on. What makes SUNS so unique is that the shoes come to life with vibrant colors the second you expose them to the dazzling sunlight or other UV rays! And this is just one of the many ways SUNS believes in spreading cheer and joy. The brand’s mission is to make the world a brighter, happier place through what they call AOKs (acts of kindness).

The brand truly believes in ‘leaving a footprint’ and inspiring others to be kind and compassionate in the hope of causing a ripple effect and spreading smiles!

Isn’t learning mixed in with fun the best kind of learning? When I introduced the girls to their new shoes and their ‘magical’ potential, their faces lit up! And then I told them the shoes should always remind them to ‘Be Kind & Shine On.’ We empower our children to be kind irrespective, however these special shoes act as an added incentive for younger kids to be more mindful and to be the reason someone smiles today. Baby steps…

The shoes are available in several styles (for kids and women) and each pair of SUNS comes with a UV keychain light that allows you to temporarily "draw" on the shoes for some indoor fun! Check out all the cool shoe styles and get inspired to perform random acts of kindness. Meanwhile, we'll enjoy hours of whimsical summer fun and also check back-to-school sneaker shopping off our list. Two birds, one stone.


  1. these summer collections are awesome , i am gonna buy them for me .. added another footwear in my list as i love shoes more then clothes ... so keep getting new things for us .. love you guys ...

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