Art & Lifestyle: Collectible Vintage Poster Art

I've lately been obsessed with collectible vintage fine art posters and have been scouring the internet for hours trying to find some I love -- not necessarily to buy right away because $$$$ you know but just to learn more about poster art. I'm not sure what prompted this craze but here I am, dreaming of an original Villemot poster hanging in my office or perhaps a stunning Cappiello elsewhere in the house.

Vintage posters come in a variety of categories: travel, fashion, food and wine, art and exhibition, politics to name a few. Jules Cheret was the pioneer of poster art in the late 1800s. The poster art evolved over time and went through several art movements pre and post World War I and II - Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Post Modernism and a few in between.

I'm mainly drawn to advertising, fashion and gallery exhibition posters. I've really enjoyed the works of Leonetto Cappiello, Bernard Villemot, and Boris Bucan. Galerie Maeght's exhibition posters are also a huge favorite.

It's overwhelming how many beautiful posters are out there. I am sharing just a few that stood out. Imagine these elegantly framed and hung in your dreamy loft, studio, living room, or home office and adding a dash of art, culture, and history to your decor.

Raymond Gid Bally Poster

Riopelle Exhibition Poster

Boris Bucan Firebird Petrushka


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