5 tips for quickly dressing kids in the morning

As a busy parent, you understand the craziness that comes with each new morning. You never know what the day might bring so it’s best to set yourself up for success early on - especially when it comes to your kids! Morning clothing battles ring a bell? Anyone? Below are five tips I’ve learned after years of early mornings with my two girls. Hopefully they’ll make your life a little easier when it comes to outfit choices.

1. Lay-out outfits the night before

This is a no brainer - lay-out outfits ahead of time  (including socks, boots and jackets in the winter time!) Doing so will save so much time in the morning! Depending on my energy levels at night, I have also realized that I pay a little more attention to take out clothes from the bottom of the pile, and just mix and match and get a little more creative. In the morning, all bets are off and I grab ANYTHING I can basically lay my hands on.

2. Check the weather ahead of time

Be sure to check the weather the night before so you can include layering options if you have to. I try to keep 5-10 extra minutes in the winter to put on all winter gear and to apply sunscreen in the summertime!

3. Make sure your kids are on board with their outfit

Absolutely no changing of minds allowed in the morning! If there are any outfit battles to be had, they can all happen at night and not when everyone has to be out of the door by 7:15 a.m. I show the girls exactly where their outfits are the night before so there are no questions asked in the morning and we can all start our days off on the right foot.

4. Have basics and neutrals on hand

Neutral basics can be easily worked into any style. For my girls, I always like to keep gray and black tops and leggings ready to wear. Simplifies life when we are rushing and don’t have enough time to perfectly coordinate an outfit. Plus, neutral basics can be mixed with stripes and patterns or worn with colored solids so you’ll have plenty of options.

5. Team work is key!

My girls are independent and dress themselves in the morning, after their outfits have already been laid out for them. However, if I happen to have two extra minutes some days, I prefer to quickly help them put clothes on especially in the winter time with all that layering. Surprisingly, my 5-year-old is very efficient in the mornings but my 6.5-year-old can be a slowcoach(!). Teamwork is key to expedite the process!

Rushed mornings don't mean compromising on style, right? Do you have clothing battles with kids in the morning? Do you have any useful tips to share?

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