A few blog updates!

My girls are now almost 6.5 and 5 years old, and while the crux of our blog and brand haven’t changed, there have been a few other things we’ve started enjoying lately now that they are a little grown up. Besides one-of-a-kind kids fashion, you can also expect to see more blog posts on the following topics:

Cooking with kids - Living in the city, and before we had kids, my husband and I never really cooked that much and heavily relied on dining out and take-outs. Let’s just say if I had a choice, I would pick many other things like reading, walking around in the city taking pictures, etc. over cooking. But I’ve always regularly cooked fresh food for the girls, and now that they are older and their palates are expanding, we love introducing them to different cuisines. We have also started involving them in the kitchen and making meals together when possible! It’s fun, healthy, and so gratifying!

Traveling with kids - We firmly believe that not all classrooms have four walls. We’ve always enjoyed making short day trips to places near Boston - there’s so much to explore here in New England! Now with the kids a little older, and more holidays to fill (winter, spring and summer breaks!), we find ourselves enjoying a couple of short trips a year - sometimes to visit family and spend time with them since most of them live far away.

Family traditions - Daily routines of working parents and school-going kids with myriad activities is always too hectic. My husband often travels during the week so we always look forward to Fridays. During my busy months photographing (especially spring and fall), I’m always working on weekends as well, but I consciously try to relax on Fridays. As a result, Friday dinners and movie nights have become a little family tradition of ours. In the winter months, one of the adults (depending on who has more time that evening) cooks dinner and then we pick a movie to watch with the girls. My favorite way to spend a family evening! In the summertime, we try to grill on Fridays or have a low-key family picnic - mostly in our own backyard.
Art, music, culture - Art has always been present in our home and I hope to create more culturally enriching experiences with the girls as they grow up. Theater/Museum visits on weekends/holidays, learning languages (my girls are fluent in English & Hindi and learning Mandarin. My plan this year is to introduce them to Spanish.) It’s also important for us to incorporate music in our everyday lives - from car sing-alongs to spontaneous kitchen Bollywood dance parties, we love to tune in to hear all kinds of different music.

Book Club - We started a little book club last year for my daughter and her neighborhood school friends when they were in kindergarten.  We are eight months in and meet once a month. Now that the girls are in first grade, they are becoming such confident readers. It’s a pure delight to watch them read and take control! Also, it gives us moms a reason to catch up and share a beverage! This is a monthly ritual we really enjoy and look forward to. I’ll be sharing the books we’ve read so far and future picks in a separate post. Stay tuned!

Weekends - Kids’ activities and social calendar fill up most of our weekends. I work quite a few weekends so I plan most social activities around my work schedule. Since we are starting to enjoy cooking and entertaining more than we used to while living in downtown, we love to invite friends over when we can. We definitely try to give ourselves some downtime on weekends to recharge for the week, however. (I’ve learned this the hard way!)

Mindful - This sounds extremely cliche, but I am trying hard to be mindful of where my time, money and energy are spent. I’ve blogged on and off over the past 6 years, all while juggling other demands in my life, but after much deliberation of whether or not I should continue writing I’ve realized that I really enjoy blogging. I love discovering and sharing the unique. From fashion finds to cultural nourishment, I hope to inspire and connect with other like-minded parents in a simple, honest way.
Life comes at us fast, this is my way of slowing down and being deliberate about the things I like to enjoy. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy days. This blog is my perfect reminder to spend more time enjoying meaningful activities and sharing snippets via photography.

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