Kids Fashion: Top 10 Style Tips on How to Dress Your Children

Children’s fashion shouldn’t come with any rules. Adult fashion shouldn’t either, but sometimes due to one’s profession or cultural expectations, our outfit choices may not be all that exciting. At Third Eye Chic, we are all about tasteful and comfortable kids clothing that keeps their youthful and creative spirits alive. And, makes us parents feel good about our clothing choices for our kids. Blending fashion and function, and specifically using my daughters’ closets as examples, here are my 10 style tips for dressing your little ones. 

1. Print mixing - Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns! Mix whimsical graphics with geometric prints or bring unusual colors together in an unexpected way to create a fascinating outfit. These types of outfits are our speciality.

2. Mixing high and low fashion - Mix and match pieces from curated boutiques/ independent designers with some basics from mainstream retailers like H&M and Target. While our conscious decisions are quality driven, convenience and practicality are equally as important. I am always grateful for mainstream stores I can rely on for making a last-minute run. (Tights and leggings guys, no matter how many I buy, we never have enough!)

3. Buy less, choose well -  Good quality clothing that can stand the test of time and also be dressed creatively in the future is the goal. I am lucky to have two girls who are 18 months apart so I usually get 2-3 years (or more) from a single piece of well-made clothing - especially knits, sweaters and jackets. The quality, longevity and the overall satisfaction are totally worth the price tag! And yes, my younger daughter gladly wears her sister’s hand-me-downs. I also try to be increasingly mindful of our environment and look for sustainable clothing options when possible.

4. Timeless - There are some pieces that never go out of style. Choose simple cottons and linens in soft colors. So effortless and breezy, especially in the summertime.

5. Personality - My older daughter tends to like flouncy, girly details while my younger has a more offbeat style. Of course, they share clothes but while specifically shopping for one of my daughters in mind, I am instantly drawn to outfits that fit her specific style. I believe in clothing that truly reflects a child's personality and doesn't conform to a cookie cutter look. Instead of dressing the girls identically and in complete matchy-matchy looks, I prefer coordinating outfits and colors if I can. 

6. Comfort is Key - While we love being stylish, comfort is key - especially for everyday dressing. School, activities, playdates, a lot of outdoor time (when the weather permits) calls for super soft cottons and comfortable fabrics. Anything tight, itchy, or even slightly uncomfortable or irritable is an absolute no.

7. Vintage - We love clothing that tells a story and transcends trends. Well-maintained clothes transferred from one generation to the next are so classic and special. Girls below are in some of my childhood clothes.

8. Playful - Cheerful, whimsical clothing that celebrates childhood and lets kids be kids.

9. Basics -  Neutral basics that can be easily worked into any style. For my girls, I always like to 
keep gray and black tops and leggings on hand. Basics simplify life when we are rushing and don’t have enough time to perfectly coordinate an outfit. Remember, neutral basics can be mixed with stripes and patterns or worn with colored solids.

10. Accessories - Unnecessary bling and overdone hair are no-go for us. Of course, the girls love accessorizing, we just do it elegantly. Never limit their imagination, though. Always keep plenty of time for pretend play so your little ones can wear all the crazy accessories they desire, while still keeping their day-to-day style on point. Halloween looks can’t be an everyday thing, but creativity is always encouraged.

Keep it simple, chic, and comfortable. Mix and match patterns, brands and enjoy creating unexpected looks. Be conscious of your choices, while keeping an open mind and staying practical at the same time. Remember, dressing your children should be fun and creative. There’s no need for stress, even if you have to deviate from your usual norm to simplify life!


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