Summer Dresses We Love

It’s refreshing to see summer dresses right? Switching things up a little here by sharing women’s dresses instead of kids’ fashion today. SS18 collections are hitting the stores and online, and we came across some wonderful printed dresses we thought would be fun to share. Not all dresses necessarily are from the new season, but we are sharing anyway because we love them and think they’ll be great for spring/summer.

We love the fact that the prints and colors are unique and yet the dresses are so simple and fuss-free. Each dress makes a statement on its own and may or may not be accessorized. Which one is your favorite?

Love this abstract print straight cut linen dress

Printed crepe dress that can take you from day to night

Love the chanderi silk fabric. The cut is not necessarily my style but I love the print and can see myself styling this with an oversized denim jacket for a casual daytime look.

Oversized print silk dress. Love the cut and can be another great addition to the closet.



India with kids: Part 2 Bundi

After our eventful Jaipur trip, we adventured on a 3-4 hour road trip to Bundi. Bundi is a small town in Rajasthan where my maternal grandmother grew up. In Bundi, we stayed with family in their beautiful haveli, now converted into a heritage hotel run by my uncles. I used to visit often as a child and really wanted to take my girls to experience the authentic atmosphere and traditional lifestyle of this small, rustic yet beautiful, city.

You’ll see in the photos below the original paintings and murals inscribed on the walls by various artists and the traditional interior of the haveli.

Original Paintings at Haveli Brajbhushanjee

Such an ideal place to relax and have a cup of chai!

Close up of the paintings

Just couldn't get enough of this view!

Bundi is truly a hidden gem. If we didn’t have family there, we probably would have never discovered it and would have limited ourselves to bigger, more touristy, cities like Jaipur and Udaipur. The Bundi Palace was totally worth visiting. I wish they did a better job preserving the property -- it has so much potential and is really very beautiful. I hear there are a few other historic sites to explore but the Palace is one of the main attractions and that’s what we decided to go see. The Bundi Fort was a little hike from the Palace but due to time constraints, we could only visit the Palace, which was also a short 5-min walk from the haveli. In fact, the Palace view from the haveli is spectacular and you’ll see that in the pictures below.

Palace in the background

Palace lighting at night

Bundi attracts a lot of backpackers and off-the-beaten-path travelers. With better infrastructure and preservation, Bundi can definitely have a prominent place in India’s mainstream tourism map.

Street life & shops

Bundi Palace:

Girls had a great time exploring. I wish I knew more about the history of the palace!

Garden of Bundi Palace and Chitrashala (Picture Gallery):

This little enchanted garden took our breath away! Imagine the upkeep & beauty when kings & queens actually inhabited this palace.  

City views

Temple nestled at base of the mountain

Chitrashala or picture gallery: Original paintings and murals depicting scenes of war, love stories, wedding processions, and more.

A short walk back to the haveli:

We had a wonderful stay in Bundi with family after a long time, and it was simply heartwarming experiencing the old charm and heritage of this ‘under the radar’ treasure.

“Full many a gem of purest ray serene

The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen

And waste its sweetness on the desert air"

Thomas Gray, An Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard


Playtime New York February 2018: A recap!

'Flow' Trend Space by Wendy Letven

I spent earlier this week amidst a dazzling array of meticulously displayed Autumn/Winter ‘18 children’s collections at Playtime New York - a children’s trade show featuring some of the best American and international brands. I came back truly inspired by an extraordinary lineup of designers (old and new favorites) and a ton of outfit inspiration.

In my short 5-hour visit, it was nearly impossible to cover each of the 200 brands showcasing their collections. I still saw a good chunk of the show and let me tell you, AW18 is going to rock this year!

Apart from a prominent Autumn color palette, fine textures were eminent in a lot of collections this year - cotton, linen, satin, lace, fur, velvet, corduroy to name a few. From arty theatre and acrobats inspired prints to retro vibes and ethi-cool collections, we saw it all. My Indian heritage and upbringing naturally draw me to vibrant colors, playful prints, and textures. Combining this style with some minimalist classics and posh tailoring, there is so much variety to choose from. As a result, we are so drawn to mixing and matching different styles, and creating our own rules and looks.

'Agricool' Trend Space by Rosa Chang

Worth noting is also a shift to unisex styles - may or may not be intentional, however, some contemporary looks can easily be incorporated in boys’ or girls’ wardrobes.
Besides swooning over the gorgeous collections, one of of my favorite things was chatting with the creative masterminds -- the designers themselves -- and understanding their vision and inspiration behind the collections. So special!
I am sharing a few pictures from the show to give you a taste of what it’s like to be surrounded by the best of kids’ fashion for a day!

Conscious Clothing Designer Kaleidoscope from Portugal. Playtime Newyork First-Timer. We absolutely loved their thoughtful and unique collection. Such intricate details and beautiful fabrics. We loved their vests collection as well! 

Paade Mode: A beautiful blend of back-to-school, weekend getaway, festive, and street style. I had a great conversation with the founder Linda Raituma - she really took the time to share her vision. The entire collection has tremendous mix and match potential and can be dressed up or down as desired. 

Raspberry Plum's creative designs and graphics are always so fun and full of life! Missed seeing you this time Aleksandra!

Manoco: A family-owned brand from Lithuania. Loved the textures and cuts of their collection!

Anja Schwerbrock: Their monochrome designs are very chic and we are swooning over the debut shoe collection.

Bleu Comm Gris: From school to party to bedtime, this brand covers it all. The Pajama collection is so classic and comfy looking. I just feel like putting one of these on and curling up with a good book.

Little Paisley People (big kids) & Paisley Magic (babies): Gorgeous cottons and elegant cuts.

Wander & Wonder: A travel-inspired brand for curious kids who love adventure. Collection is a blend of arty prints & comic book chic. We are absolutely in love with the jackets featured above!

Oaks of Acorn: Retro movies inspired collection featuring beautiful plaids, satins, and cottons. Love the use of different textures in a single garment. The collection has a solid back-to-school vibe. So nice to see you Bezanne!

Also featured is Tiny Bitz with their baby gift sets with three different sized season appropriate bodysuits for the growing baby. Such a great idea!

Blu Pony Vintage: Founder Bonnie represents the brand so well and took the time to walk us through the collection. We especially love the dresses featured above with removable lace collars - they truly took us back in time.

Left: Papu: Their abstract and geometric prints are always inspiring. Julia, so nice to see you again!

Right: Carbon Soldier: I admire the little details that make the collection stand apart. A good mix of special and everyday wear. We are in love with the color block fur coat featured above. The colors are so unique! Nice to see you Barbara - safe journey back home after all your travels. 

'Renew' Trend Space by Sophia Sobers

Tuchinda: Artisanal embroidery and cool boho vibe

Noe & Zoe: Basics with a twist for uber cool city kids. Always a pleasure chatting with the designer Nici.

Lulaland: Beautiful colors & eclectic patterns with endless mix and match possibilities. Lovely seeing you and talking to you Lula!

Tiny Rym: How did I not know about this brand before? Their home decor line is so unique and wait till you see their fabulous debut clothing collection! We can.not wait!

Citron Jaune: Hand-smocked and embroidered with ruffle details and bright colors 

Staylittle Kids: A very retro chic collection! Unique graphics and nice textures. We absolutely love the pants featured above!

Infantium Victoria: A very thoughtful collection with posh tailoring and use of organic and vegan materials. Unique styles without compromising comfort. Founders Julia and Dinie really took the time to share their vision and we loved what we saw!

Hustle and bustle at the show!

Left: Hilda.Henri - Special pieces in beautiful colors and prints.

Right: Fluf - A playful collection of lunch bags, snack bags and pouches.

Flakiki: Vibrant, show-stopping forward-thinking pieces.

Banwood: Such stylish bikes! Can I please get one in my size?

Moon Paris: Ethnic collection inspired by the spirit of far away countries. We adore these Morocco inspired shoes and simple 'mukeish' embroidery pieces. 

Like Flo: Cool, urban edge with use of lots of texture, animal prints and vibrant metallics. A large collection with ultimate mix and match potential. 

Ketiketa: Fall palette with beautiful knits, signature block prints, and organic cottons. 

We couldn’t get pictures of some of our favorite brands like Wolf & Rita, Tiny Cottons, Mini Rodini but the wait until their collections lunch this fall is going to be worth it. It was a great show and if we missed you this time (especially home decor and accessories brands), we’ll be sure to stop by and say hello the next time! Adios until July/August!

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