Family Lifestyle Blog: Traveling with Kids

Traveling is such a fun, valuable, and cultural learning experience for kids - and adults, too! The girls had the best time as we traveled to Germany, Italy, and Austria last June. I already shared our Berlin adventures but here are some from Italy and Austria! Better late than never, right?

I didn't carry my camera everywhere all the time (a lot of pictures on my phone still) so just sharing some of the trip highlights via these pictures.

Sleepyheads on their first morning in Rome

It was almost two weeks of ZERO screen time, giving the girls a chance to fully immerse themselves in our daily adventures. We figured out old school and meaningful ways to entertain the girls. My 6-year-old kept a travel journal she filled every 2-3 days, read her favorite books, colored, and it was pretend play galore for the girls. My 4-year-old also scribbled in her own travel journal or wrote legit words when one of us helped her, and was happy coloring and playing with her sister. They got plenty of outdoor time and we took them to playgrounds when we could. And of course, a gelato a day, kept the boredom away! ; )

It was truly special to watch them soak in all of these new sights and hear their little comments along the way. Some of my favorites included, "I'm going to squeeze the whole city of Rome," "Mama, you just have to check it out!" and of course, "Mama, these shoes are a dream come true!"

Finished her first chapter book while walking the streets of Rome!

Vatican Views

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircase

Colosseum on a hot day

Can never get enough of fiori

Roaming in Rome


A rare one of me and the girls

Local markets. Trying to buy cherries.

Venice alleyways & beautiful building facades

When you see one little girl do a middle split in the middle of a piazza in Venice and you make six more (including two of your own) join in, and everyone thinks it's some type of show!

I could walk these Venice alleyways for hours, getting lost with my camera. One of the days I'm glad I had my camera in tow.

A day trip to a beautiful little town of Desenzano

Lake Garda

A dip was a must! Thank goodness I had a change of clothing!

Up next, Vienna! It was love at first sight with Vienna. Its diversity, classical music, theatre, opera, cafes, graffiti...there is so much to do and explore. I would love to visit again once the girls are a little older to soak in more of what this wonderful city has to offer. 

Overtired kids by the time we got to Vienna!

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Chic boutiques

Beautiful Cafes



Mid morning snack before a day trip to Salzburg

Remember Mirabell Gardens from The Sound of Music?

Old Town, Salzburg

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree ; )

After a day trip to Salzburg, we headed back to Vienna and then to Boston the next day! 

It was a truly memorable trip and as the girls get older, I hope their appreciation for travel will grow even more. It will be a treat to watch them discover new places all over again. What are your favorite family travel destinations?

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