Starting a Book Club for kids

We have always enjoyed reading to our girls and have also encouraged them to read on their own. Our older (now 6.5) has been reading independently since a year and a half ago and has really taken a liking to it! To keep her interest going and to make reading a fun, social activity, we had the idea to start a little Book Club for the girls last year. To kick it off, I asked five other kindergarten families (basically my daughter’s friends) to join and we created this club for them. How fun!

We’ve had a total of seven meetings so far. We pick a book for each month and also bring a couple of our favorites to read during the meeting. Initially, one of us moms would read aloud to the girls. However, now that the girls are in first grade and becoming confident readers, it’s a pure delight to watch them read and take control! It also gives us moms a reason to catch up and share a beverage! This is a monthly ritual we really enjoy and look forward to.

Some of the books we’ve read so far (monthly picks + during meetings):

We don’t really have a set criteria for selecting books. I generally look for off-beat themes that encourage creative thinking and have a good underlying message. Amazon reviews and  recommendations from friends always come in handy. So far these book choices have been great; Virginia Wolf and The Night Gardener are my personal favorites.

We had a discussion at our last meeting about theme-based Book Club meetings. Our current theme is ‘space’ and we just finished reading this amazing inspirational book Hidden Figures recommended by one of our Book Club friends. Some potential themes could be pets, travel, and so on. There can be endless options and the books for that month would be geared towards these topics.

We look forward to continuing this tradition and widening our book selections. What are your or your kids’ favorite books? Where do you get book recommendations from?

If your child is 6-8 years old and would like to virtually join our Book Club, I would be delighted to share our monthly book choice. Just send me a message and jump in on the fun! : )

P.S. On keeping a reading log!


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