Home is where the He(ART) is

    Chambers Austelle commissioned work

As you may have noticed in some of my previous posts, art is something I choose to incorporate in all aspects of my life. From mix and match fashion to travel and, especially, in my home. Today, I’m giving you a peek into my own collection and sharing some of my favorite pieces that I have collected over the years.

    Peter Kiel 2009

I’m drawn to art that enlivens a room, adds character and ultimately makes a space feeling inviting. When you walk into a home and see how it’s decorated, it speaks volumes to the homeowner’s personality. Art is one of my favorite ways to express myself and create a welcoming yet unique space for my family. Plus, a lot of pieces act as great conversation starters when friends come over!

    Keith Haring Exhibition Poster '84

Decorating your house with art isn’t something that has to happen all at once - it's a labor of love. Collect pieces at your own pace and buy only what you truly love as it's always personal. Art doesn’t have to be expensive either! This is where you can have fun with it, and even frame some of your kids' artwork that you can all appreciate as they grow older.

    Girls' Artwork

Where do you find art? Well, that’s the beauty of it - anything can truly be art if it makes you feel something. I love looking at antique stores, flea markets, art galleries, artists' studios and even online sites. I'll be sharing some favorite resources in a separate blog post so stay tuned!

    Peter Kiel '65

Do you have any go-to places to browse art? Or a favorite artist you’d like to share?

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