Kids fall fashion: mix and match outfits

We may not want to admit it, but summer can't last forever. This means fall fashion and back to school time are right around the corner! We've chosen some fun yet practical outfits, perfect for when the seasons start to slowly change. Pair a cool skirt with a printed long-sleeve top for an easy mix and match look. We always love playing with different pattern combinations - polka dots and stripes being today's pick!

Dog and Cat Print Shirt
Rust Midi Skirt
Merino Moons Jumper
Striped Midi Skirt


Summer Excursion: Cherry and Blueberry Picking

“Mommy camp” has been in full swing this summer and last week, we went back to Tougas Family Farm for cherry and blueberry picking! It was our first time picking cherries and blueberries and we had a blast! The girls thought it was even more fun than strawberry picking because they didn’t have to bend all the way down and the fruit was more accessible.

We reached the farm first thing in the morning and  headed straight for the cherries! There’s something about seeing a tree filled with ripe, colorful fruit that brings me such joy.  We picked a variety of sweet and delicious burgundy berries. The farm attendant gave us a brief orientation about the variety of berries and the right way to pick them so we wouldn’t accidentally destroy next year’s crop. The girls followed the instructions and did a great job!

Next up, blueberries! These were super easy to pick and pretty much fell right in our hands. The blueberry bushes were also the perfect size for the girls to  easily reach for the fruit. As we were finishing up, the sun started to come out in full swing. We grabbed our berries and were ready to head out of the heat.

This time around, we unfortunately didn’t have enough time to feed the goats or enjoy the playground. Instead, we popped into the farm store and bought some donuts for the road and blueberry crumble to enjoy later for dessert.

It was yet another wonderful morning spent at the farm enjoying summer’s bounty!


Adding Greenery to Your Space

House of Small Wonder, Berlin

Just like art, incorporating  greenery in your household decor can really help to liven up a space. Plants have a way of exuding fresh and healthy vibes that instantly make your house feel like home. We only brought in greenery in our house about a year and a half ago, but have been thrilled to see how it has helped transform our home into a peaceful, warm and inviting space.

Choosing plants that suit you

We didn’t have any experience with house plants when we first decided we wanted some. We just went to our local nursery and picked out some low-maintenance plants - succulents and a Snake Plant are ideal to test out your green thumb. We gradually added more varieties -- Monstera, Bird of Paradise, Fiddle-leaf Fig (that we are on a mission to save), and a few others as time went on. My husband is the one who mostly takes care of the plants, and even with his weekly work travels, our houseplants are successfully surviving! Recently, our whole family was away for a week, so my husband tried the drip water irrigation system for the first time and that worked great.

There is a bit of learning curve with some plants but it’s easily doable and so satisfying to watch them grow. Watering and nurturing our plants allows us to slow down on busy mornings and reconnect with nature. And during the snowy winter months in New England, a hint of green inside the house is a much needed change of scenery.

Houseplants as decor

Speaking purely aesthetically, houseplants are so fun to decorate any space with. Mix and match small plants in a variety of planters and create that perfect plant shelf for a beautiful reading nook. Plants are also an affordable way to decorate while you wait to find that perfect piece of furniture or art to fill up the space.

Small succulents are becoming popular gifts to bring to friends’ homes and something we’ve enjoyed doing. Our loved ones are always appreciative and thank us for bringing green into their lives. Inspired by the succulent, one of our friends added more greenery to their house and now thoroughly enjoy their plant-filled space.

Image: The Design Chaser

Plants are an easy way to make your days a little brighter. Next up, maybe we’ll try growing some herbs indoors? Share your favorite plants or herb recommendations with me!


5 chic summer outfits we love

Image: Scrap Midi in Emerald

Summer days are here to stay! Whether you're always on the go, or wish to slow down to savor the season, simple outfits that pack a punch are a must. We are loving these unique abstract prints and clean cuts for an effortless yet chic look. No accessories needed. Just throw on one of these pieces and you are good to go.

As much as I love accessorizing and mixing and matching outfits, sometimes time doesn't permit me to do so. Between work commitments and keeping the girls entertained, I've grown to appreciate the ease of slipping on a dress before dashing out of the door.  

And if you find yourself truly crunched for time, most of these outfits can also gracefully take you from day-to-night. They'll keep you cool at brunch with your girlfriends and also have you looking stylish at an outdoor summer concert that evening.

Image: Striped Kimono Jumpsuit

Image: Kelso Dress