A trip to the farmers market with kids

One of the items on our summer bucket list was to shop at a farmers market. I love the healthy, colorful vibes and fresh local produce at a farmers market. Visiting one is a perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon!

We took a trip to the Copley Square Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls were ready to explore. It was a treat to watch them interact with local farmers, learn about different crops for various seasons and have them try new foods. I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping, but picking out produce and other items together at a market makes it fun and easy to plan a meal together, too. Especially buying something new and figuring out how to make it later.

I asked each of the girls to pick out one fruit and veggie on their own. The farmers let them sample some fruits and the girls decided to buy currants and gooseberries. For veggies, they chose baby bok choy and kale. After I gave them $20 to pay for the produce, I stood back and smiled as I watched the entire interaction. My oldest did the math and counted the change back, making sure it was correct. It was a bittersweet yet impressive moment watching them gain this confidence and independence.

One more item checked off the bucket list and more memories made! I recommend everyone takes time to experience a bustling farmers market. Sometimes you’ll be treated to live music or stumbleupon unique vendors, too!

If you’ve been with the kids before, I’d love to hear your stories! What do you and your kids love the most about farmers market?

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